More BotCon 2012 Artist Alley Guests Announced

{mosimage} has just been updated with a few more names of artists who will be in Artist Alley at next week's convention! 

Rounding out our Artists Alley is six more incredible artists/creators! Each will be avaialble throughout the weekend selling some amazing art work and other great items at BotCon 2012!

Be sure to stop by and see Ken Christiansen, David Willis (of Shortpacked/Recordicons fame), Silas Zee, Tyla Sprouse, Donna Kunz (Puggleformers!) and Simon Furman! You read that last one right, as Simon will be on hand in the Artist Alley selling copies of the following scripts:

*Transformers: War Within — Age of Wrath #4 (unpublished)
*Transformers: War Within — Age of Wrath #5 (unpublished), including a bonus FREE outline of issue #6
*Transformers Beast Wars #1 (Dreamwave/unpublished)
*Transformers #80 (Marvel US, 1991)

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