Kabaya Gum Plus Transformers Protectobots In-Hand Images

{mosimage}lowbcousin of HK-TF has acquired the newly-released Kabaya Gum Plus Transformers Protectobots and has posted in-hand images of them. The original Protectobots Hotspot (fire truck), Streetwise (police car), First Aid (ambulance), Groove (motorcycle), and Blades (helicopter), are joined by two new members, Skyfeather (jet) and Heatrock (drill tank). The six smaller protectobots merge (without Hotspot) to form Gaia Guardian. The original Protectobots combine to form Guardian (Defensor). But the most awesome new twist is that all seven Protectobots can join together to form God Guardian.

Check out the images on HK-TF here.

Then discuss about the new Protectobots here.







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