Fan Art Will Be Allowed At BotCon

{mosimage} Due to the overwhelming reaction, Hasbro has changed its position on fan art at BotCon. Originally, the company's position was that all Transformers based art that was not crafted by official professionals working for the brand or art classified as "parody"would be prohibited. This message, however, was sent out to the staff of TFW2005 last night:

We're pleased to announce, per Hasbro, that artist tables will be allowed at BotCon 2012 as we have allowed it in the past, and will be permissible as part of the show. Hasbro sympathizes and understands fans' discouragement with the previous statements concerning fan art, and while remaining steadfast in the right to protect its IP in regards to unlicensed merchandise, wants to ensure fans can continue to enjoy the BotCon experience which they know is made so great in large part by the fan community.

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