Expanded Bios for Cyberverse Legion Class Figures

{mosimage} For those looking to know all about the characters that their toys represent, head over to Hasbro Toy Shop. On the order page for the second wave of Cyberverse Legion figures – included in the product information – are bios for each of the figures. These bios, however, aren't the same as the ones on the back of the packaging. They're expanded bios, ranging from a couple of added sentences to entire biographies (in Soundwave's case)!

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Intelligence Specialist

BUMBLEBEE doesn't need to talk – his blasters do all the talking he needs. He is fast, smart, and skilled, which means that the DECEPTICONS have nowhere to run when BUMBLEBEE is on their tails! His long experience as an AUTOBOT scout has made him an excellent tracker, but he's also a highly skilled fighter. No DECEPTICON is clever enough to hide from him, and only a few are talented or powerful enough to beat him in a fight.

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Assault Infantry

The VEHICONS aren't always happy about their duties, but they follow orders without question. Mostly because they're more afraid of their commanders than they are of whatever the AUTOBOTS will do to them. Their lot in life is to fight and be deactivated at the order of MEGATRON, often in the course of some plan that is never fully explained to them. Fear is not the only thing that motivates them, however. Most VEHICONS also hope that they can one day advance to the command ranks, to join legends like STARSCREAM and SOUNDWAVE.

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Stealth Fighter

ARCEE is fast, smart, and always ready for a fight. Her blasters might not pack the punch of the bigger AUTOBOTS, but her incredible fighting skill more than makes up for anything she lacks in firepower. She trains constantly to ensure she's ready for any combat situation – especially as she often ends up fighting against overwhelming odds on her own. As the resident AUTOBOT infiltration expert, she regularly engages in mission where there is no backup – and no guarantee of survival.

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Demolitions expert

BREAKDOWN is more than happy to take any mission MEGATRON assigns him – especially if it means a chance to take on BULKHEAD. The two big bruisers have had a beef for a long time, but BREAKDOWN means for it to end on Earth, once and for all. He doesn't set traps, or plot the destruction of all BULKHEAD knows. He just wants to pound the AUTOBOT into scrap. He upgrades his hydraulics constantly to make sure that when he does finally face his nemesis, he will be in prime pounding form.

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AUTOBOT Commando

Blistering speed and lightning-fast reflexes make EVAC more than an effective courier – they make him a frighteningly powerful warrior. His speed often catches DECEPTICONS by surprise, allowing him to strike and move before they can return fire. It's a good thing too, because his lightweight armor can't take many hits from DECEPTICON weapons. He focuses on getting in, taking out his target, and getting out before anyone can respond. More than one DECEPTICON has fallen without ever knowing what hit him.

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Intelligence Specialist

SOUNDWAVE enjoys it on the ground where he can immerse himself in the ever-present flood of information. To SOUNDWAVE, information is power, and power is the most useful weapon in the DECEPTICON arsenal. Earth bursts with information, and he is more than happy to collect it all. Cruising the highways, he has access to the personal data of millions, and that gives him all the power he needs. With that, he can manipulate the world, and even force powerful humans to do the bidding of MEGATRON.

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Stealth Fighter

With his incredible talent for stealth, MIRAGE would be the ultimate spy. But he'd much rather be in the thick of a fight, moving silent and invisible through a melee to strike where the enemy is weakest. Powerful light-bending cells covering his armor allow him to become invisible for short periods of time, which makes him the perfect choice for striking at DECEPTICON commanders, even when they're ringed by guards. He enjoys his role on the battlefield, though some of the other AUTOBOTS don't fully trust him.

Converting MIRAGE action figure and snap-on blaster.

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