Botcon 2012 Coverage – TCC Panel

{mosimage}Here's the Transformers Collector's Club panel from BotCon 2012! Voice out at the discussion thread!

  1. Addressing security issues – Said ISP had issues with security. Working on club store. A few more components.
  2. Box art was meant to connect to SG box. Layout similar, colors meant to connect.
  3. 30-40 something characters in the art roughs – Wanted everybody involved in there.
  4. Process of making toys – Take a stock toy, redecoed designs. Showing example of Jazz –> Treadshot
  5. Treadshot using Armada Sideswipe colors.
  6. Diagram of mold/tooling, showing how stuff has to be matched, eg clear roofs needing to be painted.
  7. Head turnarounds for Runabout/Runamuck.
  8. Metalhawk: Reception has been 50/50, but really wanted to pay homage to Pretenders.
  9. Mockup of full box set before finals.
  10. Octopunch deco, "That's not a duck. I know this crowd knows what a tentacle looks like."
  11. Spinister: Had to pick between vehicle and bot mode color accuracy.
  12. Junkions: Thought about Sharkticons first, but, story wise, Insecticons better match for the Junkions.
  13. Figure Subscription ServiceWanted to get it out sooner, pushing back for security. No price points yet. Sign up period of 3-4 weeks. Pay upfront or in 3 installments. Trying to cover all bases in terms of handling things online. Waffling between 2 figures a month for 3 months, or once a month for 6 months. They're going to try to build to the order. People may be able to get singles, but at a higher price point. Worked closely with Alvarez at Hasbro.
  14. Announcing the six figures. Not in this order. It's gonna be a surprise which comes when. Pictures here.
    1. G1 colors Breakdown from Universe Sideswipe.
    2. Animated Jackpot from Jazz.
    3. RID Scourge from Generations G2 Optimus Prime. Upside down Autobot symbol. Teal. Red sword.
    4. Slipstream from Transformers Prime Starscream. New head.
    5. Circuit from Axor – Their left-field choice.
    6. Ultra Mammoth from Big Convoy – Blue white fade mammoth. Adds red in bot mode.
  15. Free figure for next year: Depth charge from Terradive.
  16. Was Ultra Mammoth the big guy you talked about before? No. But we did have these guys all in the pipeline since late last year.
  17. A future set with G1 box art? Were kinda shooting for that this year – it may take a year or two to roll your suggestions in because of how far ahead we have to be.
  18. Can the Club carry some of this stuff like the Prime First Edition that doesn't get to retail? We're always looking into things. We've had discussions before.
  19. Subscription figures packaging? Plan is to construct a double-walled box that won't get mangled. No individual packaging to keep cost down. Sensitive to giving the lowest price point possible according to the size of the run.
  20. A final box at the end? Thought about it, but we think it's cost prohibitive.
  21. Can you talk about mold choices and creative freedom? How far back can you go? Talks to Rik, ask what's available of recently released stuff. Get a general idea. Look at molds, which ones you wanted to use. For the subscription service, it was different than the box set, since convention sets are thematic, whereas the subscriptions are across eras.
  22. Subscription price for international? Not different, but you'll be paying actual shipping to your country.
  23. Is there a way to do custom class like the subscription model? Up to 120 people in the class now (originally 30), no good way that won't make nobody mad.
  24. Hoping to start the subscription service in the summer, start shipping November.