Botcon 2012 Coverage – IDW Panel

{mosimage}Here's what went down during IDW's panel at BotCon 2012! Sound off your thoughts at our thread!

  • Regeneration 1 will be released on Saturday. Free comic book day. 16 pages of new material setting up the new series. Good jumping on point.
  • 21 years have gone by. A lull between issue 80 and 81. Past 80.5, will realize that while Cybertron was sitting pretty, not quite a lull elsewhere.
  • Regeneration 1 100-page spectacular catches up on last few Marvel comics.
  • MTMTE "Autobot School" cover with Ultra Magnus.
  • RID issue 5 picks up from ramifications of issue 4 – plus Sky Byte coming up.
  • Autocracy: Issue 9 – fallout from Zeta Prime's fall. Orion Pax's fall.
  • Collected edition of Autocracy will be released before SDCC.
  • Transformers Legacy: The Box Art of Transformers – G1 and G2 (US, Japan, and maybe Europe), some unproduced stuff. Asking for fans' help for more art. They have 70-75% of the art, would like to find more, so reaching out to folks who collect TF art.
  • July – Decepticon month. Meet the Decepticon Justice Division.
  • August – Dinobot Month
  • Primus: RID and MTMTE annuals?
  • Crossovers, with GI Joe? – They are pretty separate right now. Thinking about it but nothing set in stone.
  • Wreckers sequel? – Interested in it. Check out MTMTE #6 which hits some LSOTW highlights, particularly Fortress Maximus.
  • Regeneration 1 supplemental stuff to fill in gaps? – Maybe.
  • Garnak and Bob? – Garnak in RID, Bob in MTMTE.
  • Agent 113 – is he Punch/Counter Punch? – Punch/Counter Punch stuff coming, keep reading on Agent 113.
  • Prime tie-ins? – Possibly.
  • Deaths Head? – Reprints, yes. New stuff, no.

  • Chris Metzen, how did you start writing TF stories? – Friends with Flint a few years ago, pitched a story, Flint was in -pitched it to Andy Schmidt, got it to fit more with Roberts stuff. Became Autocracy.

  • Traveling back to the Infestation world? – People love it. Maybe.

  • Relationship with comixology. Comixology basically does the programming.

  • Wing coming back? – Yeah, but in flashback? Present?

  • Simon, how does it feel going back for Regeneration 1? – Pretty brilliant. They asked for 3 things unresolved from 80? I gave them a list of 9.

  • Gonna take some stuff from G2, characters, ideas pulled into Regeneration 1, but not the whole story though. Big melting pot. UK stuff might provide influences.

  • This is a continuation of the Marvel US series. The Wreckers will be in Regeneration 1. Not the ones from the UK storyline. Big nod to them in the current lineup. Trying to pull in recognition of what happened elsewhere.

  • Future of print? – Both books are up compared to last year. The death of print thing is overrated. Digital is important, but there will always be a print component, eg. Larger print format books are possible, but you can't get an iPad 3 with a bigger screen.

  • Rewind – will he turn into a giant memory stick? – Keep reading.

  • Spotlights? – Something possibly coming down the road, but not the same format as the old Spotlights.

  • When is Trypticon showing up? – Soon? Really soon?

  • Jim, new book like Ark or Almanac? – Chronological with US/Japan sections.

  • Beast Wars? – Nothing planned.

  • Animated ongoing? – No plans, would love to see it, but don't want to put too much out there.

  • Thundercracker? – Without giving anything away, but we know where he is. He's busy at the moment.

  • Your favorite story arc? – Josh: RID, Reign of Starscream. Jim: Marvel 67-80. Livio: Wreckers and War Within. Chris: Wreckers, Surrender to Scorponok in Marvel. Simon: Loved seeing Nick and James geeking out over the old stuff. John: Marvel UK.

  • Allspark Almanac creative liberties? – Only had like two things rejected.

  • Regeneration 1, Megatron and Ratchet? – Furman: Both alive, pivotal story point, you're not going to be happy with me. I can kill people and they stay dead.

  • Fembots besides psycho Arcee? – Want to do more with arcee. One of the favorite characters to write.

  • Hot Rod in Regeneration 1? – Don't want to say much. He's pivotal.


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