More Upcoming Toys Revealed at Cybertron Con!

{mosimage}The news from Cybertron Con keep pouring in! Singapore Transformers fans Facebook page Planet Iacon has posted a bevy of images from Cybertron Con 2012, with a lot of new toys revealed. Many of these toys are Asia exclusive and are mostly retools or redecos of previous toys. The list of toys is as follows:

Movie Trilogy – Bumblebee (redeco), Wheeljack (redeco), Ratchet (redeco), Soundwave (redeco), Evac (new mold).

Movie Leaders – Ironhide (red redeco), Starscream (G1 redeco).

Legion – Bluestreak (Prowl redeco with blaster), Hoist (Trailcutter redeco with blaster), Motormaster (optimus Prime redeco with sword), Thundercracker (Starscream redeco with blaster).

Scout – Sandstorm (redeco of Dune Runner), Brawl (redeco of Breacher), Dead End (redeco of Brakedown), Laserbeak (redeco of Skystalker).

Deluxe – Springer (Tomahawk with new head), Swerve (Sergeant Kup with new head), Cliffjumper (Transformers Prime First Edition Cliffjumper with new head), Wheelie (Special Ops Jazz with new head).

Voyager – Brawn (Transformers Prime First Edition Bulkhead with new head), Power Dive (Highbrow with new head), Megatron (Bludgeon with new head), Hotspot (Inferno with new head).

Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Wave 5 – Sergeant Kup (Ironhide redeco), Rumble (new mold).

Apart from Wave 5 of the Transformers Prime Deluxes, the other figures are all listed as Asia exclusives.

View the images here.

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