Hasbro Children’s Hospital Charity Gala Event 2012 Summary

http://www.allspark.com/images/gala/2012/1.jpgFor a third year running the Transformers Fan Community (led by the Allspark) and joined with other online fan communities raised thousands of dollars towards the Hasbro Children's Hospital.  A gala event was held in Providence Rhode Island this past weekend celebrating the Hasbro Children's Hospital.  Myself and other Allspark members Galenraff and Shinra Inc were in attendance.  Below is a summary of my the 2012 Hasbro Children's Hospital Gala!

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http://www.allspark.com/images/gala/2012/2.jpgLike previous years the event was a black tie event.  The main event, the ultimate party band, the B-52's! 

My beautiful girlfriend and I arrived at the Providence Convention Center right at the start of the event.  The upper floor of the convention center was decorated with this year's theme, Battleship!  That's right this year's theme is based on the classic Hasbro / Milton Bradley game and upcoming mega motion picture, Battleship! 

There were serving stations and servers offering Hors d'Ouevres as well as an open bar for attendants.  This was an opportune time to mingle and talk with the other guests and contributors.  I met up with Galen, his wife Carla, and Shinra Inc.  Galen and I then had an opportunity to speak with Brian Goldner, CEO and President of Hasbro, as well as Julie Duffy, VP of Global Brand Publicity.

http://www.allspark.com/images/gala/2012/3.jpgAt 7PM the main event began and attendants were ushered into the main ball room, which was like entering one of the battleships in Hasbro's Battleship game.  Inside the ball room the Battleship theme continued with life preservers, Kre-O Battleship centerpieces, and other sailing paraphernalia.

This time around Tony Petrarca, Chief Meteorologist for Eyewitness News WPRI 12, was the host of the event and kick started things off.  He also introduced us to some patients of HCH dressed in sailor garb. 

We then heard from Timothy J.  Babineau, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rhode Island Hospital / Hasbro's Children's Hospital and the Miriam Hospital.  Dr. Babineau expressed his gratitude and thanks to all the contributors and what a good cause the Hasbro Children's Hospital truly is. 

We were then introduced to Jenna Jacques in her family.  Jenna is a young girl who suffered from a tumor that impaired her ability to walk.  Thanks to Hasbro Children's Hospital she is on the way to recovery and no longer shows any signs of cancer.

Soon after began the live auction.  Tony Petrarca was the auctioneer and the items up for auctions were an impressive array of vacations, event tickets, and other amazing opportunities including a walk on roll for Transformers 4 which begins filming in 2013!  Once the auction concluded we were treated to a delicious beef dinner.

http://www.allspark.com/images/gala/2012/12.jpgFollowing dinner we heard from Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr, the Chairman for the Rhode Island Hospital Board of Trustees.  Maureen and Dolph Johnson, the Event    Co-Chairs, who this wouldn't be possible without, continued to express the importance of donating to the Hasbro Children's Hospital and their gratitude for all the donations.

Brian Goldner, President and CEO of Hasbro, then took the stage and introduced the B-52's.  The B-52's then took stage and played all their most popular hits!   The attendants then hit the dance floor and song along to the iconic songs.

After the B-52's completed their set, attendants were then treated to desert and the music of SOHO.  

Overall it was another fantastic evening for a wonderful cause and I am personally very thankful that I am able to represent the members of the Allspark (and the other communities that donated) yet again.  It was a night I will never forget for a cause that does so much good.

-Randy Para