Chinese Transformers MMO Character Bio Translations

{mosimage} Our very own Meister79 has been working hard to translate the names and bios for the upcoming Transformers MMO video game from Chinese to English! The game offers a great number of new Transformers characters during game play, so if you're a fan of Transformers fiction in all its forms, you're going to want to check this out!

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Part 1
(Translating the names found here)

Code Name: Phantom Nova (huàn yǐng xīn xīng)
Vehicle Name: Scarab (shèng jiǎ chóng)
Bio: The warrior code-named "Phantom Nova" once tried to end the war through negotiations and other peaceful methods, but after witnessing the inhumane atrocities committed by the Emperor of Destruction time and again, he decided to join the Autobots, and achieve peace with force.

Code Name: Sonic Ranger (yīn sù yóu xiá)
Vehicle Name: Swift Dragon (sù lóng)
Bio: On the battlefield, the warrior code-named "Sonic Ranger" is as swift and fierce as a cheetah. He is a versatile warrior, and can adapt well to various complex battle situations. Other than not being very dependable, he has no other significant weaknesses.

Code Name: Metal-Winged Arrow (tiě yì fēi jiàn)
Vehicle Name: Sonic Arrow (yīn sù jiàn)
Bio: This enigmatic warrior, who has traveled through many galaxies for a long time, never intended to get involved in the war between the two factions, until the tyranny of the Decepticons forced all Transformers into an impasse. This forced "Metal-Wnged Arrow" to take the side of the Autobots, which is grave news for the Decepticons, as it means Megatron now has a new deadly opponent.

Code Name: Furious Lightning (nù huǒ shǎn diàn)
Vehicle Name: Halo (guāng yùn)
Bio: "Furious Lightning" is obsessed with seeking vengeance. He has lost much in the unending war – his home, his friends, and his happy memories of the past. Now, his agenda is simple – to exact wrathful comeuppance to Megatron and his followers.

Code Name: Star Gate Guardian (xīng mén shǒu wèi)
Vehicle Name: Mega Star (jù xīng)
Bio: An old Autobot soldier, "Star Gate Guardian" is a veteran of many wars, and he is well aware of the cruelty of Megatron and his minions. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to prevent Cybertron from being ravaged by the war, and therefore strives hard to protect humans and the Earth to overcome his guilt.

Code Name: Stardust Rover (xīng chén màn yóu zhě)
Vehicle Name: Firefly (yíng huǒ chóng)
Bio: "Stardust Rover" does not really fit well within the Autobot ranks – perhaps due to his aloof nature and his brutal fighting style. However, no one can deny his value to the team. Being a speedy and skillful warrior, he has the ability to turn the tide of battle single-handedly.

Code Name: Silver Soldier (yín sè qí bīng)
Vehicle Name: Metal Steed (tiě qí)
Bio: For a long time, "Silver Soldier" and his squad have been able to ward off many Decepticon forces despite being outnumbered, with sheer speed and battle prowess. Without a doubt, Optimus Prime and the Autobots will need the help of this guerrilla warfare expert to fend off the Decepticon army.

Code Name: Galaxy Hunter (xīng hé liè shǒu)
Vehicle Name: Felora (fú luò lā)
Bio: The endless war has cast a dark shadow over the glory of Cybertron, and being a former race track super star, "Galaxy Hunter" has lost all of his ardent fans, and even had to flee his beloved home planet. During his long journey, this erstwhile arrogant hot-head has mastered superb fighting skills, and has grown into a true warrior. Many years later, he again crosses path with Megatron and his minions, and he knows that this is his chance to avenge the destruction of his home and his career. 

Code Name: Flaming Meteor (liè huǒ liú xīng)
Vehicle Name: Fire Bird (huǒ niǎo)
Bio: "What are we waiting for?" Flaming Meteor always asks. He is always in the front lines of any battlefield, and thirsts to crush his enemies into scrap metal, using his fists and laser fire. His bravery in battle stems from his deep hatred for the Decepticons, and also his desire to proof himself, the latter being the more important factor. Only in a hail of bullets, can he realize his full potential, and so he hopes he can show his comrades his true worth in battle.

Code Name: Heavy-Hammered Enforcer (zhòng chuí tiě wèi)
Vehicle Name: Giant Whale (jù jīng)
Bio: Although simple and reticent, no one can deny the importance of "Heavy-Hammered Enforcer". He is incredibly strong, and extremely tough, almost nothing can make him yield or retreat. As Kup said, "If only he could move a little faster, no Decepticon could ever stop him."

Code Name: Super Slugger (chāo néng yóu jī shǒu)
Vehicle Name: Hound (liè quǎn)
Bio: "Super Slugger" shows a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm to all things new to him, so he has acclimated well to living on the Earth. For him, Earth is like a second home, and this sense of belonging has become his driving force to fight this war.

Code Name: Furious Fist of the Fortress (tiě bǎo nù quán)
Vehicle Name: Aegis (shén dùn)
Bio: Although "Furious Fist of the Fortress" is not renowned in the Autobot army, Optimus Prime has a great deal of trust in him. He is one of the hardest workers among the Autobots, and is convinced that as long as they do not give up, they will eventually triumph over the Decepticons, and Cybertron will be restored to its former glory.

Code Name: Stormy War Song (fēng bào zhàn gē)
Vehicle Name: Metal Horse (tiě mǎ)
Bio: "Stormy War Song" has never believed that the war among the Transformers could ever be resolved peacefully. Therefore, he is always battle-ready and constantly looks forward to the next battle. He is the ultimate Autobot tough guy, and never backs down from any challenges.

Code Name: Fearless Deity (wú wèi tiān zūn)
Vehicle Name: Fearless (wú wèi)
Bio: "Fearless Deity" has always been humble and silent, but no one will ever dismiss his presence – and it is not just because of his size. On the battlefield, this mighty warrior is almost unbeatable, and he will always do his utmost to protect his comrades from danger.

Code Name: The Arm That Shatters Stars (suì xīng tiě bì)
Vehicle Name: Bison (yě niú)
Bio: Tough and battle-thirsty, believes the most direct, simplest way to solve problems is to charge head first into battle against the Decepticons – and this usually end in a victory for him. Although Optimus Prime does not agree with some of his views, no one can deny that the Autobot army is need of strong fighters like him who can fight fire with fire.

Code Name: Crimson Thunder (chì hóng léi tíng)
Vehicle Name: Deer Hunter (liè lù rén)
Bio: As his name suggests, this crimson, metallic giant has a thunderous loud voice. When some cowardly Decepticons hears his booming roar, they will be scared out of their wits and run away in fear. Those who choose to stay and fight tend to regret their decision. Compared to most Autobots, who are generally mild-mannered, "Crimson Thunder" is almost a certified lunatic. His abrasive and brutish nature has a strong deterrent effect on his enemies.

Code Name: Armored Trailblazer (zhòng jiǎ xiān fēng)
Vehicle Name: Alpha
Bio: On the battlefield, "Armored Trailblazer" is a veritable mobile fortress. His very presence allows those hiding behind him to safely carry out their duties. Although he is a veteran of many wars, and has been praised and honored repeatedly, his humble nature has not changed. For this peace-loving giant, his participation in the war is borne out of necessity. 

Code Name: Super Vanguard (chāo néng jiān bīng)
Vehicle Name: Ranger (xún yóu zhě)
Bio: "Super Vanguard" always craves for more intense battles. In his own words, only on the battlefield can he find the reason for his existence. To the Autobots and their allies, "Super Vanguard" has always been a strong, reliable comrade on the battlefield. But to the Decepticons, his presence is their worst nightmare. While speed is not his forte, his superior firepower and impenetrable armor make his enemies scatter in fear. 

Part 2
(Translating the names found here)

Code Name: Speeding Thunderbolt (jí sù pī lì)
Vehicle Name: R7 
Bio: Despite not being physically strong nor having immense firepower, this does not stop "Speeding Thunderbolt" from being one of the best scouts under Optimus Prime's command. She is one of the fastest Autobots on the ground, and is resourceful, brave and skillful. These traits more than make up for any lack in physical strength.

Code Name: Galaxy Flame (yín hé guāng yàn)
Vehicle Name: Noble Star (xīng jué)
Bio: "Galaxy Flame" is constantly solemn and pensive, because the long-lasting war has brought her much sadness and devastation. But scars are not the only thing she received from the war. The flames of war has tempered this once ordinary and gentle Transformers into a deadly warrior.

Code Name: Deep Blue Vision (shēn lán lüè yǐng)
Vehicle Name: Wild Horse (liè mǎ)
Bio: "Deep Blue Vision" has always been candid and forthright, and has a cold, almost emotionless demeanor. Some young soldiers find her unapproachable, but those who are close to her know that she behaves this way so that she may forget the pain inflicted upon her by the war. She is now completely focused on winning the war.

Code Name: Ethereal Walker (yǐ tài xíng zhě)
Vehicle Name: Unicorn (dú jiǎo shòu)
Bio: "Ethereal Walker" does not like the Earth very much, because she feels the uneven landscape and rough surface of this world is an impediment to her speed. But her value to the Autobot cause is undeniable. Her agility and skill often confounds Magatron and his followers.

Code Name: War Wheel of the Furious Star (nù xīng zhàn lún)
Vehicle Name: Sharp Rider (ruì qí)
Bio: "War Wheel of the Furious Star" abhors those who rely on brute force to win. In her view, only speed and skill deserve commendation. Perhaps her opinion is somewhat extreme, but these two traits have undoubtedly brought her success and victory repeatedly.

Code Name: Blazing Flying Fire (chì liè fēi huǒ)
Vehicle Name: Reindeer (xún lù)
Bio: "Blazing Flying Fire" is always elusive on the battlefield, using imaginative methods to pull off sneak attacks on her opponents. Undoubtedly, her methods have led to many victories despite being outnumbered, and has been a source of morale for the Autobot army. However, some conservative warriors find her methods dangerous and risky.

Code Name: Flying Rider Infantry (fēi qí zhàn jǐng)
Vehicle Name: Cloud Leopard (yún bào)
Bio: Before the war broke out, "Flying Rider Infantry" was the scourge of all that is evil. She meted out punishment to those who broke the law with her own brand of justice. Now, after joining the Autobots, she still uses her own methods to oppose Megatron and his minions.

Code Name: Whirlwind Wheel (jìn fēng biāo lún)
Vehicle Name: Puma Rider (piào qí)
Bio: An experienced guerrilla warfare expert, calm and courageous. She knows Megatron and his followers well, and can always swiftly identify and attack the Decepticons' weak points. Therefore, this veteran warrior is a very big thorn in the side of the Emperor of Destruction and his lieutenants.

Code Name: Galaxy Rider (yín hé qí shǒu)
Vehicle Name: Flying Wheel (fēi lún)
Bio: "Galaxy Rider" rarely uses brute force against her opponents. She is more inclined to rely on her skills and speed, rather than strength and firepower. Although not possessed of superior destructive capabilities and endurance, but unparalleled agility and mobility makes her an integral part of the Autobot team. If an enemy underestimates her fighting prowess due to her small size, he is in for a big surprise.  

Part 3
(Translating the names found here)

Code Name: Steel-Toothed Metal Beast (gāng yá tiě shòu)
Vehicle Name: Hidden Dragon (cáng lóng)
Bio: A fierce destroyer, who is extremely strong, and is impervious to most weaponry. This terrifying steel giant is Megatron's ultimate weapon, his firepower can easily pierce armor and destroy fortifications, causing severe devastation to the Autobots.

Code Name: Dark Star Whirlpool (àn xīng xuán wō)
Vehicle Name: Blazing Sun (liè rì)
Bio: When not fighting, "Dark Star Whirlpool" devotes his free time on his "work" – making a variety of objects from Autobot scrap and parts. He never tires of fighting, because he hopes for a day when he can use Optimus Prime's melted carcass as raw material to build a monument.

Code Name: Heavy Impact Warrior (zhòng yā měng zhě)
Vehicle Name: Gigantic Beast (jù shòu)
Bio: To "Heavy Impact Warrior", Autobots, Decepticons, or any other life forms have no significant differences. He only joined Megatron's Decepticons by chance. The fights just so he can show off his superior strength, firepower and impenetrable armor.

Code Name: Gargantuan Bear Titan (jù xióng hàn jiàng)
Vehicle Name: Gargantuan Bear (jù xióng)
Bio: "Gargantuan Bear Titan" possesses unimaginable strength, firepower and endurance, he thirsts for energy like a bot possessed. Megatron is aware of this, and has purposely kept him in a state of constant hunger, knowing that when this starving monster in unleashed, he will be all the more deadly.

Code Name: Violent Demon (kuáng bào shà shén)
Vehicle Name: Sandstorm (shā bào)
Bio: "Violent Demon" was once locked away in a high-security prison for atrocities committed in the civil war. Now, this vicious tyrant has been liberated by his fellow Decepticons, and he cannot wait to exact revenge and vent all of his pent-up rage on the Autobots with his heavy artillery and his powerful fists.

Code Name: Armored Destroyer (zhòng jiǎ pò huài zhě)
Vehicle Name: Thunder Beast (léi shòu)
Bio: "Armored Destroyer" is an expert at siege warfare. Even strong fortifications cannot withstand his heavy artillery. Also, when faced with a powerful enemy, he demonstrates surprising resilience and patience. Therefore, those who are marked as his targets rarely survive the encounter with him.

Code Name: Horseman of Terror (kǒng jù xiāo jiàng)
Vehicle Name: Hammer of Wrath (nù chuí)
Bio: "Horseman of Terror" roars and howls incessantly, to the point that even his Decepticon comrades find it hard to endure. On the battlefield however, his battle cries strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. Of course, fear is not his only weapon. Equipped with heavy cannons and impregnable armor, he is truly a formidable opponent.

Code Name: Doomsday Commander (mò rì tǒng shuài)
Vehicle Name: Beamon (bǐ méng)
Bio: "Doomsday Commander" is a brutal and powerful conqueror. His reputation resonates fear among the Autobot ranks. Like most Decepticon warlords, he feels he would be a better leader than Megatron. His arrogance is well-founded, however, due to his stellar performance and track record. When the time is right, he will implement his subversive scheme.

Code Name: War Blade Rotor (zhàn rèn xuán yì)
Vehicle Name: Dragon Hawk (lóng yīng)
Bio: "War Blade Rotor" is a self-proclaimed "collector of exquisite taste", and what he collects is the severed limbs of fallen worthy opponents. Although his aerial skills and battle prowess unnerves many Autobot warriors, he is not very popular among his comrades. They whisper behind his back, "He gives me the creeps!"

Code Name: Shattered Carrier (fēn liè zài bō)
Vehicle Name: Night Wing (yè yì)
Bio: A silent and lethal assassin, he is one of Magatron's favored lieutenants. He is deals out death swiftly and cleanly, and does so unflinchingly and without remorse. Even among his Decepticon comrades, Shattered Carrier does not show any hint of emotion, so he is an enigma to everyone.

Code Name: Cyclone Warblade (nù fēng zhàn rèn)
Vehicle Name: Hurricane (jù fēng)
Bio: "Cyclone Warblade" is a cunning aerial hunter, and has a reputation for being cruel and unscrupulous. Similar to many aerial Decepticons like Starscream, Cyclone Warblade has unparalleled aerial combat skills, with great agility and maneuverability, his sneak attacks often rendering his opponents defenseless. Thus, despite not having immense firepower, he can still make his opponents tremble in fear.

Code Name: Whirlpool of Destruction (huǐ miè xuán wō)
Vehicle Name: Fire Dragon Swirl (huǒ lóng juǎn)
Bio: Even among the Decepticons, "Whirlpool of Destruction" is a veritable "War Devil". In fact, he does not really subscribe to Megatron's philosophy, nor does he care. His sole purpose for joining the Decepticons is so that he can let his violent tendencies run unbridled and to satiate his lust for war. Although he may not be the strongest fighter, he utilizes his skills of flight and aerial combat to toy with and torment his opponents, before finally mercilessly killing them. Most Autobots have a deep hatred for him, but few dare to challenge him in combat.

Code Name: Thundercloud Knight (léi yún qí shì)
Vehicle Name: Thunderclap (léi míng)
Bio: "Thundercloud Knight" takes deep pride in being a Decepticon and in his aerial prowess, and has the utmost contempt in Autobots and Cybertronians who cannot fly. Megatron holds this young warrior in high regard, because of his unequaled aerial warfare skills and unwavering loyalty to the Decepticon cause. For him, Megatron's trust and appreciation is a source of courage in the face of calamity.

Code Name: Shadow Assassin (àn yǐng shā shǒu)
Vehicle Name: Crazy-Winged Bat (kuáng yì fú)
Bio: Even Optimus Prime has to admit that "Shadow Assassin" is a force to be reckoned with. Even in the early days of the civil war, "Shadow Assassin" had already gained notoriety for killing many high-ranking Autobot officers. He was once captured and jailed for many years, but eventually managed to escape his high-security prison. Now, this cunning assassin has rejoined Megatron's troops, and he wants nothing more than to exact revenge by hunting down, then killing, his Autobot prey.

Code Name: Ominous Wings (è zhào zhī yì)
Vehicle Name: Moth (tiān é)
Bio: "Ominous Wings" is a selfish miscreant, he would shoot a comrade in the back if it meant he could reap some benefit from it. No one believes that he is truly loyal to Megatron, but Megatron still entrusts him with many important tasks, because of his unrivaled air combat capabilities. And he is more than happy to maintain this ambiguous state, for if the Decepticons were to suffer defeat in the war, he would not hesitate to defect, and even to kick them when they are down.

Code Name: Deep Space Star Wound (shēn kōng xīng hén)
Vehicle Name: Ghost (yōu líng)
Bio: "Deep Space Star Wound" is renowned for being one of the fastest flyers on board the Nemesis, and an expert at springing surprise attacks. Before coming to Earth, this terrifying killer rarely confronted his enemies face to face, but with their energy reserves running dangerously low, Megatron can no longer keep this secret weapon at the sidelines, and is forced to unleash him into battle.

Code Name: Wing Blade of War (zhàn yì dāo fēng)
Vehicle Name: Heavy Rain (zhòu yǔ)
Bio: In the eyes of "Wing Blade of War", "war" is a sacred word. He treasures the glory of being a warrior, advocating the use of skill and power to conquer one's opponents, rather than the use of deception. Megatron finds his code of honor archaic and impractical, but fortunately for "Wing Blade of War", he is rarely defeated in a fair fight.

Code Name: Violent Gear (kuáng bào chǐ lún)
Vehicle Name: Wolverine (láng huān)
Bio: "Violent Gear" lives to fight and kill. This formidable war machine honed his unequaled fighting prowess from being a gladiator in the arena. Now, under Megatron's leadership, he lets his fearsome talents loose on the battlefield, intimidating many Autobot warriors. To him, the Earth is no different from any other battlefield, because he is only interested in unleashing unhampered devastation. 

Part 4
(Translating the names found here)

Code Name: Cold Flame of the Stars (xīng chén hán yàn)
Vehicle Name: Scorpion (tiān xiē)
Bio: "Cold Flame of the Stars" enjoys toying with her opponents using her speed and skill, and then only terminate them. She calls this sadistic torment a form of "art", and is dejected when the Autobots fail to appreciate this "art form" of hers.

Code Name: Drifting Lightning (piāo yí shǎn diàn)
Vehicle Name: Mountain Mist (shān lán)
Bio: Despite having perfect speed and skill, "Drifting Lightning" is not a cold-blooded killer. She even exhibits compassion for the weak, which is a rare trait in a Decepticon. It is said that she did not join the Decepticons out of respect for Megatron, but rather to avenge a betrayal by a certain Transformer, and also to punish the Autobots for their "hypocrisy".

Code Name: Chaotic Fiend (hùn dùn shā xīng)
Vehicle Mode: Crystal (shuǐ jīng)
Bio: "Chaotic Fiend" has a lust for power even more unsatiable than that of Starscream's. She yearns to one day become supreme leader of the Decepticons, and also the absolute ruler of Cybertron. To that end, she has been gradually attempting to solidify her stature in the war with the Autobots.

Code Name: Black Hole Pulse (hēi dòng mài chōng)
Vehicle Mode: Iris Flower (yuān wěi)
Bio: "Black Hole Pulse" is an accomplished tracker and killer, cold and cunning, she has earned the trust of Megatron. However, there are indications that this dangerous assassin has a close relationship with Starscream. If she were to join Starscream in his subversive schemes, the almighty Emperor of Destruction will be in deep trouble.

Code Name: Flash Runner (shǎn yì kuáng bēn zhě)
Vehicle Mode: Aldebaran (bì sù)
Bio: Supremely narcissistic, she revels in the beauty of her chassis in vehicular mode, and her perfect driving skills. She is so obsessed with her shiny, colorful paint job, that if she were to get damaged in battle, she would have a hissy fit. Fortunately, there are not many Autobots who can catch up with her, much less land a blow on her.

Code Name: Exploding Star Discharge (xīng bào yán liú)
Vehicle Name: Meteor (liú xīng)
Bio: Without a doubt, "Exploding Star Discharge" has a beautiful visage, but Autobots who have been lucky enough to escape her grasp only remember pain and terror. Even her Decepticon comrades dare not cross her, as she can kill anyone at the drop of a dime. 

Code Name: Laser Speeder (jí guāng fēi chí zhě)
Vehicle Name: Nymph (jiá dié)
Bio: An advocate of the "beauty of war", she will not allow her Autobot opponents to die an easy death, as that would go against the principle of her "art". Although some Decepticons find her quirky, but her speed and fighting skill is a valued commodity for Megatron.

Code Name: Dark Night Dancer (yè míng wǔ zhě)
Vehicle Mode: Naga (nuó jiā)
Bio: A mysterious warrior, despite many friends and foes bearing witness to her superb fighting skills, but very little is known about her past. She has always been an elusive loner, but the Decepticons can take solace in knowing that this fearsome warrior is on their side.

Code Name: Tornado Dancer (xuán fēng wǔ zhě)
Vehicle Name: Cyclone (xuán fēng)
Bio: "Tornado Dancer" is like an apparition who can disappear without a trace, she dominates the skies by permeating fear. She might not be particularly strong, but her superior maneuverability more than makes up for that deficiency. Tornado Dancer tends to use her speed and skill in battle, employing stealth tactics that render her enemies defenseless.

Code Name: Red Flame Phantom (chì yàn mèi yǐng)
Vehicle Name: Vatti (fǎ dì)
Bio: "Red Flame Phantom" has a perplexing outward appearance. Before joining the Decepticons, she was a dangerous criminal, even the bravest law enforcement officer would exercise extreme caution when dealing with her. In the battlefield, she is an all-rounder, equipped with powerful attacks and great maneuverability, she has won Megatron's appreciation. She arrived on Earth together with the main Decepticon army, and is allowing her desire for destruction run wild on this blue planet. 

Code Name: Cruel Phantom (tiān shà mèi yǐng)
Vehicle Mode: Falcon (liè sǔn)
Bio: "Cruel Phantom" is a veritable air predator, not many enemies can grasp her fighting technique, because her efficiency allows her to conclude battles very swiftly. She is not the strongest among the Decepticons, but Megatron trusts her because she is analytical on the battle field and knows when to seize the moment, then employing her agility, neutralize her targets cleanly and promptly.

Code Name: Light-Converging Star Edge (jí guāng xīng rèn)
Vehicle Name: Mantis (táng líng)
Bio: An extremely paranoid and fanatic warrior, her urge for destruction is a match for Megatron's. Once she has her target in her sights, she will not give up until her target has been annihilated. 

Code Name: Star-Struck Spiral (shì xīng luó xuán)
Vehicle Name: Tidal Wave (shuǐ lóng juàn)
Bio: No matter friend or foe, no one knows what "Star-Struck Spiral" is thinking, and no one dares to get "too close" to her to find out. The Decepticons find themselves fortunate for not having to face this killer's speed and destructive power.

Code Name: Metal Wings of Thunder (léi tíng tiě yì)
Vehicle Name: Lightning (shǎn diàn)
Bio: Like most other Transformers who have been fighting the war a long time, "Metal Wings of Thunder" has forgotten the reason she is fighting, which puts her in a quandary. But do not underestimate her for even a moment. She is still one of the biggest thorns in the side of the Autobot army.

Code Name: Hurricane Hunter (jù fēng liè rén)
Vehicle Name: Sheath-Tailed Bat (qiào wěi fú)
Bio: "Hurricane Hunter" is one of Megatron's most loyal followers, always carrying out Megatron's orders without question. Some of her comrades dislike her for following the Decepticon code far too extremely.

Code Name: Nebula Ripper (xīng yún sī liè zhě)
Vehicle Name: Slug Caterpillar Moth (cì é)
Bio: "Nebula Ripper" is extremely cunning, even among the Decepticon ranks. Her enemies have a hard time discerning her intentions. Unless absolutely necessary, she is unwilling to co-operate with other Decepticons, nor share the spoils of war. But even working alone, her fighting ability is not to be underestimated.

Code Name: Wings of Disaster (zāi huò zhī yì)
Vehicle Name: Papilio (fèng dié)
Bio: "Wings of Disaster" feels going up against an enemy head on is not very smart. Most of the time, she prefers to use her speed and skill to fight stealthily. Perhaps some of her comrades may think her cowardly, but she has come out on top in many battles.

Code Name: Dark Energy Variable Star (àn néng biàn xīng)
Vehicle Name: Banshee (nǚ yāo)
Bio: "Dark Energy Variable Star" possesses incredible speed, and she is very proud of this. Undoubtedly, her talent is highly useful in battle, discombobulating many enemies. If she were not so enraptured by her own speed, she may actually prove to be a serious threat to Optimus Prime.