Chinese Transformers MMO Character Bio Translations – Part 1

Code Name: Phantom Nova
Vehicle Name: Scarab
Bio: The warrior code-named "Phantom Nova" once tried to end the war through negotiations and other peaceful methods, but after witnessing the inhumane atrocities committed by the Emperor of Destruction time and again, he decided to join the Autobots, and achieve peace with force.

Code Name: Sonic Ranger
Vehicle Name: Swift Dragon
Bio: On the battlefield, the warrior code-named "Sonic Ranger" is as swift and fierce as a cheetah. He is a versatile warrior, and can adapt well to various complex battle situations. Other than not being very dependable, he has no other significant weaknesses.

Code Name: Metal-Winged Arrow
Vehicle Name: Sonic Arrow
Bio: This enigmatic warrior, who has traveled through many galaxies for a long time, never intended to get involved in the war between the two factions, until the tyranny of the Decepticons forced all Transformers into an impasse. This forced "Metal-Wnged Arrow" to take the side of the Autobots, which is grave news for the Decepticons, as it means Megatron now has a new deadly opponent.

Code Name: Furious Lightning
Vehicle Name: Halo
Bio: "Furious Lightning" is obsessed with seeking vengeance. He has lost much in the unending war – his home, his friends, and his happy memories of the past. Now, his agenda is simple – to exact wrathful comeuppance to Megatron and his followers.

Code Name: Star Gate Guardian
Vehicle Name: Mega Star
Bio: An old Autobot soldier, "Star Gate Guardian" is a veteran of many wars, and he is well aware of the cruelty of Megatron and his minions. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to prevent Cybertron from being ravaged by the war, and therefore strives hard to protect humans and the Earth to overcome his guilt.

Code Name: Stardust Rover
Vehicle Name: Firefly
Bio: "Stardust Rover" does not really fit well within the Autobot ranks – perhaps due to his aloof nature and his brutal fighting style. However, no one can deny his value to the team. Being a speedy and skillful warrior, he has the ability to turn the tide of battle single-handedly.

Code Name: Silver Soldier
Vehicle Name: Metal Steed
Bio: For a long time, "Silver Soldier" and his squad have been able to ward off many Decepticon forces despite being outnumbered, with sheer speed and battle prowess. Without a doubt, Optimus Prime and the Autobots will need the help of this guerrilla warfare expert to fend off the Decepticon army.

Code Name: Galaxy Hunter
Vehicle Name: Felora
Bio: The endless war has cast a dark shadow over the glory of Cybertron, and being a former race track super star, "Galaxy Hunter" has lost all of his ardent fans, and even had to flee his beloved home planet. During his long journey, this erstwhile arrogant hot-head has mastered superb fighting skills, and has grown into a true warrior. Many years later, he again crosses path with Megatron and his minions, and he knows that this is his chance to avenge the destruction of his home and his career.

Code Name: Flaming Meteor
Vehicle Name: Fire Bird
Bio: "What are we waiting for?" Flaming Meteor always asks. He is always in the front lines of any battlefield, and thirsts to crush his enemies into scrap metal, using his fists and laser fire. His bravery in battle stems from his deep hatred for the Decepticons, and also his desire to proof himself, the latter being the more important factor. Only in a hail of bullets, can he realize his full potential, and so he hopes he can show his comrades his true worth in battle.

Code Name: Heavy-Hammered Enforcer
Vehicle Name: Giant Whale
Bio: Although simple and reticent, no one can deny the importance of "Heavy-Hammered Enforcer". He is incredibly strong, and extremely tough, almost nothing can make him yield or retreat. As Kup said, "If only he could move a little faster, no Decepticon could ever stop him."

Code Name: Super Slugger
Vehicle Name: Hound
Bio: "Super Slugger" shows a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm to all things new to him, so he has acclimated well to living on the Earth. For him, Earth is like a second home, and this sense of belonging has become his driving force to fight this war.

Code Name: Furious Fist of the Fortress
Vehicle Name: Aegis
Bio: Although "Furious Fist of the Fortress" is not renowned in the Autobot army, Optimus Prime has a great deal of trust in him. He is one of the hardest workers among the Autobots, and is convinced that as long as they do not give up, they will eventually triumph over the Decepticons, and Cybertron will be restored to its former glory.

Code Name: Stormy War Song
Vehicle Name: Metal Horse
Bio: "Stormy War Song" has never believed that the war among the Transformers could ever be resolved peacefully. Therefore, he is always battle-ready and constantly looks forward to the next battle. He is the ultimate Autobot tough guy, and never backs down from any challenges.

Code Name: Fearless Deity
Vehicle Name: Fearless
Bio: "Fearless Deity" has always been humble and silent, but no one will ever dismiss his presence – and it is not just because of his size. On the battlefield, this mighty warrior is almost unbeatable, and he will always do his utmost to protect his comrades from danger.

Code Name: The Arm That Shatters Stars
Vehicle Name: Bison
Bio: Tough and battle-thirsty, believes the most direct, simplest way to solve problems is to charge head first into battle against the Decepticons – and this usually end in a victory for him. Although Optimus Prime does not agree with some of his views, no one can deny that the Autobot army is need of strong fighters like him who can fight fire with fire.

Code Name: Crimson Thunder
Vehicle Name: Deer Hunter
Bio: As his name suggests, this crimson, metallic giant has a thunderous loud voice. When some cowardly Decepticons hears his booming roar, they will be scared out of their wits and run away in fear. Those who choose to stay and fight tend to regret their decision. Compared to most Autobots, who are generally mild-mannered, "Crimson Thunder" is almost a certified lunatic. His abrasive and brutish nature has a strong deterrent effect on his enemies.

Code Name: Armored Trailblazer
Vehicle Name: Alpha
Bio: On the battlefield, "Armored Trailblazer" is a veritable mobile fortress. His very presence allows those hiding behind him to safely carry out their duties. Although he is a veteran of many wars, and has been praised and honored repeatedly, his humble nature has not changed. For this peace-loving giant, his participation in the war is borne out of necessity.

Code Name: Super Vanguard
Vehicle Name: Ranger
Bio: "Super Vanguard" always craves for more intense battles. In his own words, only on the battlefield can he find the reason for his existence. To the Autobots and their allies, "Super Vanguard" has always been a strong, reliable comrade on the battlefield. But to the Decepticons, his presence is their worst nightmare. While speed is not his forte, his superior firepower and impenetrable armor make his enemies scatter in fear.