Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Presentation Panel

{mosimage} Powered Convoy is giving us the run down from the Hasbro Presentation at Toy Fair 2012! Here are a few of the key points:

-Hasbro Studios president talking. Talking about TF, Ponies, and Pound Puppies
-Stephen Davis, president
-6 new shows and 5 returning
-Talking about MLP: FIM, Clip from new episode
-Kaijuto, 2D modern animation
-Rescue Bots, existing clips
-Transformers Prime clip, showing commercial airing now
-New clip of Prime season two, Arcee kicking butt
-Moving on to Transformers toys
-Jerry Jovoin and Josh Lamb
-2012 biggest year for TF?
-TF The Ride at Universal showing Super Bowl ad
-Coming in may, The Ride
-Ride will have SIX related toys: two sizes of Evac, Deluxe Optimus and Bumblebee, and Voyager Optimus and Megatron
-Hagen Memo and Net Dragon trailer
-Random TFs at warehouse showing abilities. Females!
-Rescue Bots, figure two packs, Bumblebee garage. Mobile HQ.
-Kre-O. Quest for Emerging.
-Emerging. USB in each set. Devastating. 29 new Kreons. 16 robots. Interchangeable chest plates. Energon cubes.
-Devastator Kre-O
-Prime DVDs
-Hasbro distribution issue for First Edition
-2012 Movie Trilogy Asia only. No USA release!
-Movie Trilogy Optimus will be released in the USA, however
-TF Prime RiD wave one, Arcee, Ratchet Knock-Out Hot Shot. Voyagers Optimus and Megatron.
-Starscream, Bulkhead shown. Weapoinizer Optimus
-Starscream looks nice. Bulkhead good but not as nice as First Edition *Commentary by Powered Convoy*
-Entertainment Pack with BUmblebee and Starscream – Asia only
-Starscream from two pack very different
-Remote control Bumblebee and Knock-Out
-Masks. Cyberverse. Wave one. Wave two – Breakdown, Soundwave
-Cyberverse Commander. Ironhide.
-Wheeljack ship – Star Hammer
-Energon driller
-Cyberverse scales, and Optimus Maximus. Looks cool. Very big *Commentary by Powered Convoy*
-Bot Shots. commercial. Jazz art.
-Online game. March 1st. May 1st – versus battles.

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