Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Presentation Panel – part 4 – Star Wars and Marvel

{mosimage} Powered Convoy even more news from Hasbro's presentation at the Toy Fair 2012 Hasbro Media Event as they move on past Transformers:

-Star Wars
-Episode One 3D. Movie heroes. Light up light sabers at that scale
-Clone wars vehicles. Small and big.
-New figs. Vintage battle packs. Trade Federation MTT. Huge. 20 BATTLE DROIDS
-MTT is motorized. An Obi Wan figure is also included.
-MTT works with the Vintage Collection "folding" Battle Droids. (Replacing the non-articulated Droids it comes with)
-New Grand Moff Tarkin Vintage Collection figure. Galen Marek. Shae Vizla. Ahsoka in realistic style. New Ewok. Nien Numb. Weequay
-New Emperor Guard. Clone Wars Obi Wan in Vintage Collection style
-Carbonite Freezing Chamber
-Lost line packaging. Six figures. SDCC and retail
-Carbonite Jar Jar. Regular Jar Jar, Ep II and III clones, Sandtrooper, Bespin Leia, Shocked Vader, Prune Face, Republic Trooper
-Republic Trooper – Old Republic.
-Fan choice winner – Mara Jade
-Ep I FX sabers.
-Fighter pods. Jek Porkins. Video.
-Amp'd. Vehicle customization. Build and alter classic Star Wars vehicles using swappable parts
-Comes with super-deformed pilots.

-Spiderman. RC Spiderman climbs the wall. Web shooting figure. Sixteen inches.
-Mission Spidey figures. Wave one comic based. Wave two movie based.
-Lizard! Figure as well as a roleplay mask.
-Avengers. Roleplay. Figures. Hawkeye bow.
-Ten inch Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Thor.
-3 3/4" Wave two are movie accurate. Wave three has Hawkeye and Black Widow. Wave Four has Nick Fury
-Mighty battlers for kids. Jumpstarters Avengers like Topspin and Twin Twist.
-Vehicles. Quinjet
-Helicarrier. Three feet long.
-Super Hero Squad and Mini Mugs. Bonka Zonks. Flick attack game.
-102 Characters in Bonka Zonk
-Playskool heroes. Figures and playsets.
-Marvel Universe. Spidey, Beta Ray Bill, Kraven. Beast, Hulk. Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk
-Punisher, Kang, Fantastic Four Spidey with paper bag head variant.
-Puck, Angel, Hercules, Nova, Nighthawk, Professor X, Jubilee, Blastaar
– DEATH'S HEAD!!!!!!!
-Three packs. Inhumans. Rogue, Longshot, X Baby Cyclops
-Two packs, Hulk, Wolverine, Centurion, Falcon, Dr. Strange, Surfer
-Marvel Legends. Terraz. Hope, Klaw, Iron Man, Steve Rogers
-Constrictor, Ghost Rider, Modern Thor, Arnim Zola build a figure, Drax, Bucky Captain America, Thunderball, Piledriver. Masque, Madam Hydra
-USAgent, Blade, Mystique. Hyperion

-Show room time!!

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