Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Presentation Panel – part 3 – GI Joe

{mosimage} Powered Convoy even more news from Hasbro's presentation at the Toy Fair 2012 Hasbro Media Event as they move on past Transformers:

-GI Joe now
-Director of of GI Joe: Retaliation is a true Joe fan. Trailer
-Fifty figures
-Four Comic Con exclusives.
-Nine vehicles.
-Less young lines
-Figures in June. Vehicle count doesn't include the SDCC Shockwave
-More figures not to be revealed. More stuff shown today than previously in USA Today
-Wave one. Zartan has masks and light piping
-Troopers shown
-Wave two Firefly, Flint, Roadblock. More accurate. Firefly is maskless.
-Firefly has a masked head as well. Snake Eyes and camo Storm Shadow – Loosely based on the 1988 figure
-Lady Jaye and Joe Colton are Wave Three
-Wave three – Alley Viper,  Cyber Ninja, and Dragon Ninja. Redecoes.
-Wave four – Jinx and Blind Master. Jinx has a yellow  and gray outfit
-RZA chose the weapons for his figure (Blind Master)
-New Crimson Guard and Night Viper. The CG has stickers for customization
-Ninja three packs (Previously seen)
-New three packs. Mouse, Airborne, Invasion Trooper
-Bikes. SE and Firefly. Flint.
-Water Moccasin,  Awe Striker. Less articulation to keep vehicles better at price and keep figures packed with them. Tread Ripper, Ghost Hawk, HISS.
-Lots of ziplines in line
-HISS has Cobra Commander not Trooper
-Ninja Combat Cruiser with Night Fox
-Battle Kada. Ten inch figures.
-Roadblock trained by Snake Eyes in film.
-Interchangeable weaponry with Battle Kada.
-Roleplay weapons. For kids. Guns, Blade of Justice. Nunchucks. Mask and sword
-Shockwave comes with Destro and a BAT. Shockwave and Destro work together. Destro is a Decepticon version (he has a Decepticon symbol on his vest). Comes with energon cubes.
-Comes with Decepticon money suit case

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