Toy Fair 2012 – Hasbro Presentation Panel – part 2

{mosimage} Powered Convoy continues to bring us news from Hasbro's presentation at the Toy Fair 2012 Hasbro Media Event

-Wave one shown. Chase figures. All clear. Wave two Ratchet, Mirage. Launchers. Three packs. Sentinel Prime/Prowl/Bumblebee, Nemesis Prime/ Megatron/Acidstorm. Battle for the Matrix packs
-Nice visuals for Bot Shots game
-IDW Fall of Cybertron. September. Same clip of FoC
-Matt Tieger. Concept art previously seen.
-Insecticon hive. Swindle. Combaticons. Vortex big part in game. Blast-Off was a challenge to design
-Bruticus art shown. New art.
-Bruticus game play!
-Super powers. Laser beam. Unstoppable.
-New FoC clip. Cliffjumper. Jazz. Grimlock. Starscream. Megatron's voice is the same.
-Optimus. Jazz. Shockwave. Wave one.
-Look great, Jazz is white and blue like the G1 Actionmaster
-Bruticus. New pics, very different colors than before
-Vortex has more red, Onslaught more blue. Blast-Off is purple not brown
-More Generations. Eight new figs. In 2013 there will be over forty Generations figures!!!!
-TF key dates
-Over forty new Generations toys slotted for 2013!!! *News so big Powered Convoy needed to report it twice!*

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