TakaraTomy 2/25/2012 Figure Release Photo Galleries

{mosimage}Thanks to some dilligent collectors residing in Japan we have a bevy of photos of the just released United, Encore, and Campaign items to drool over.  First up are photos of the recently released Encore Soundblaster (with Enemy & Wing Thing) as well as Twincast (with Stripes & Nightstalker)!  The larger figures go for anime accuracy in some of the color changes from the previous releases and the Cassettes go for super obscure homages.  Next up is the latest (and likely last) wave of United, which features Unicron, Axalon, Optimus Primal, and Beast Megatron!  Last but not least is the Micron Campaign Vector Oracle!  Vector Oracle is a clear green redeco of Universe Nightstick who is free to anyone purchasing 3,000 yen or more of Dark of the Moon figures at Toys R Us in Japan!

You can view the images of the figures at the below links:

Soundblaster, Enemy, Wing Thing   |  Twincast, Stripes, Nighstalker

Unicron   |  Axalon   |  Beast Megatron   |  Optimus Primal   |  Vector Oracle

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