Shout! Sending Replacement “Japanese Collection” Discs

{mosimage} If you've bought the Transformers Japanese Collection DVDs from Shout! Factory and noticed errors with the subtitles, take heed of this email that Allspark member RCX has received:

Dear Transformers Fan,

A few of you have written in to us about errors in the subtitling on a couple episodes in your Transformers Japanese Collection set. We are moving quickly to fix those errors and manufacture two replacement discs for your set and will ship them to you in about two weeks. They will ship automatically to anyone who has purchased the set from ShoutFactory — you do not have to make any special requests or respond to this email. In the event you’re planning future purchases for friends or recommending the title, please know that our entire inventory in the warehouse and all future runs are also being corrected simultaneously.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Shout Factory

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