G.I. Joe Animation Model Book Teaser

{mosimage}YO JOE! Or, COBRA LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

While the Allspark is home to primarily Transformers-related news, there's also kinship with its older sibling and Hasbro's earlier franchise, G.I Joe. Despite the different universes the two exist in, depending on the stories told, both have been cross-overed many times throughout the years in stand-alone continuities, with the occasional nods to each franchise. For you Joe fans – or Cobra supporters – that loved Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster's the Ark animation model books and the Allspark Addendums, it's your turn!

Jim has posted at his blog the Disciples of Boltax with what will amount to be the Joe equivalent of the Transformers Ark book, teasing us with: an old model sheet of Snake Eyes; the M.A.R.S. Industry Submarine – which cameoed in a Transformers commercial involving the Seacons, no less! – as a special Ark Addendum, and how many pages it took before it became condensed into one book.

Those of you attending Roll Out Roll Call in the UK from March 10th to March 11th of this year, gear up for some sneak peeks!