Encore Soundblaster & Twincast Now Out!

{mosimage}Just released today are the latest Encore figures Soundblaster with Enemy and Wing Thing and Twincast with Nighstalker and Stripes!  These highly anticipated reissues feature modified versions of the the original Soundblaster (now with an all silver face plate, red eyes, and tampographed insignia symbol) and Twincast (with a yellow face, blue eyes, smooth tape deck, and tampographed insignia symbol) as well as new Cassettrons based on very obscure Cassettron related characters!  First up is Enemy, a red and dark blue redeco of Frenzy based on the old Transformer Radio and Voice Changer.  Next is Wing Thing, Action Master Soundwave's animal partner, who is presented as a black and orange redeco of Rat Bat.  On the side of the Autobots is Nightstalker, a black redeco of Steeljaw with Ravage's weapons, who was once partners with Ravage in a UK story.  Last but not least is Stripes, a orange and gray tiger redeco of Ravage with Steeljaw's weapons, who was presented in one of the original Transformers:  The Movie scripts.

You can view the images of Soundblaster and Twincast at Hobby Search.

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