Transformers United UN-23 to UN-27 Galleries

{mosimage}Alfes 2010 has posted in-hand images of the newly-released Transformers United toys.

This wave consists of:

UN-23 Rodimus Prime (The engine block has been remolded to be compatible with Targetmaster Microns.)

UN-24 Warpath

UN-25 Tank Megatron

UN-26 Thunderwing

UN-27 Windcharger vs Decepticon Wipeout

All these figures have paint operations that differ from their Hasbro counterparts, particularly Tank Megatron, who is in his Generation 2 blue and purple deco. Warpath is molded in lighter red plastic more akin to his Generation 1 toy.

View the galleries, then discuss about these figures in this thread.


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