Transformers United (2012) Wave 1 In Package & Now Shipping

{mosimage}While the release date is January 28th, some retailers in Japan have received the first 2012 wave of Transformers United early.  This wave consists of Rodimus Prime, Warpath, Tank Megatron, Thunderwing, and Windcharger VS Decepticon Wipe-Out.  Rodimus Prime is an all new color scheme based on both Rodimus Prime's animation model and original toy.  Warpath is very similar to the Generations release cast in a brighter red color.  Tank Megatron uses a color scheme loosely based on the G2 Hero figure.  Thunderwing's colors are based on the original toy's rather than the comic.  Windcharger loses the rub symbol for a tampo-graphed symbol and Decepticon Wipe-Out is a new color scheme based on the old Marvel G1 Comic Book character.

Also worth noting is each figure has a little sticker on their package bubble noting "Limited Quantity".  How limited the production run is is anyone's guess.  This is the first time something like this has been noted on a mass release non-exclusive Transformers item from TakaraTomy.

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