“Transformers” Movie Trilogy Featurettes Promos

{mosimage}Features, features, features! Let the featurettes start to roll in, as both Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu-Ray 3D Combo pack and the Limited Edition Trilogy Set near their January 31st, 2012, release date.

For those living in Chicago, IL, try spotting the real towers during the tilting skyscraper sequence (courtesy of ILM themselves) and during the Birdmen flight stunt, provided by the official Transformers film Twitter feed. Also, check out the rail cars section – via Superhero Hype – where Sam, Epps, and their team reunite with the Autobots, as well cast and crew filming the scene where one of the Orbital Assault Carriers swoop down to attack them. From Endgaget, they share a clip of director Michael Bay and crew discussing the changes shooting in 3D did to how they filmed DOTM. For those wanting a refresher on why the Transformers are animated in certain ways in regards to their transformations, ILM animation supervisor Scott Benza shares a little on how character and mood determines the style of transforming.