Retooled Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Coming to Japan?

{mosimage}It appears that TakaraTomy may be releasing an updated version of the recently released Transformers Prime First Edition Optimus Prime.  At World Hobby Fair 2012 they showed off a slightly redecoed version of their First Edition Voyager Optimus Prime feature several new weapons.  These weapons can be either handheld or placed upon Optimus' body.  Also not the stripe and Autobot symbol change to the figure. 

Also at World Hobby Fair 2012 is confirmation that Firebolt 'Clear Edition' (which appears to be a straight or near identical re-release of Power Core Combiner Minicon Pinpoint) was the free Micron given away at the event.  Firebolt 'Clear Edition' was only given away to children who participated in voting for their favorite Transformers Prime character.  Firebolt 'Clear Edition' is likely intended to be paired with the upcoming United Rodimus Convoy due out later this month that was specifically retooled to allow figures with 5 mm holes, like the Pinpoint mold, to be placed on his engine.

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