Allspark 2012 Charity Drive – Benefits Hasbro Children’s Hospital

In what has quickly become my favorite and proudest time of year around here at the Allspark, I’m excited to announce the beginning of our 2012 Charity Drive to benefit the Hasbro Children’s Hospital! You can find out more about as well as discuss the Charity Drive here!


Announcement: 2012 Charity Drive!
In what has quickly become my favorite and proudest time of year around here at the Allspark, I’m excited to announce the beginning of our 2012 Charity Drive to benefit the Hasbro Children’s Hospital! Our first drive in 2010 was a surprise – a grassroots effort that sprang forth after we pooled money to buy a rare vintage toy catalog and then went on to donate nearly $2500. Last year we raised nearly $6400 and were then stunned when it was personally matched by Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner.
This year’s goal: $8000. The deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, February 26. $5 minimum suggested, but any amount is appreciated!
We’ll once again set out to buy a sponsorship of the Hasbro Children’s Hospital annual fundraising gala being held on March 3 in Providence, RI. It’s entitled the “Battleship Ball,” based upon Hasbro’s board game and upcoming movie property. Our sponsorship will earn us recognition at the event and in print materials, as well as 8 tickets to the gala. Read here to see Powered Convoy’s report and photos from last year’s awesome event.
It’s a big number, and an ambitious goal. Higher even than last year’s already surprising total. But this community – the strongest I’ve ever seen on fan forums – has done nothing short of the amazing in so generously giving support to sick kids and their families. I have a lot of confidence in this community, and I think we can do it!

A few minor pieces of housekeeping:
Method of Donation
This year we’ve integrated our automated system with Amazon Payments instead of Paypal (due to Paypal’s recent bad track record with grassroots charity drives like this). It’s actually really slick – it’s no more difficult to donate than it is to buy a DVD or book or something! A small fee applies if you use the automated widget, but we feel it’s worth it for the convenience. If you would like to pay a different way, scroll down for other options.
Tax Deductions
Please remember that if you give to the Allspark effort, your contributions are NOT tax-deductible. In effect, this constitutes many small gifts to a single individual (either Daytonus or myself). Only that person’s single donation to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital is deductible. However, as in previous years, any tax benefit as a result of claiming those deductions on our returns will be donated right back into the donation effort of the following year. (Last year I believe that was a couple hundred dollars. When I do my taxes, I’ll let you all know what benefit last year’s drive brings.) However, if your donation not being tax deductible makes this a dealbreaker for you, we understand, and would still encourage you to donate directly to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital! While the collective credit to the community is nice, what really matters is support for the kids.
Money Only, But Be Creative
We are only able to collect money for this effort, not toys or other goods (whether new or used). But we’d still collect only money even if we could do other things. It turns out that money is by far the most efficient way for charitable organizations like the Hasbro Children’s Hospital to support their work, because they can use it for research, diagnosis, patient care, and amenities (which includes toys and games). However, if you’d like to help and don’t have money to spare, that’s okay and we certainly don’t want you living off ramen all month. Instead, consider selling used toys on Ebay and then contributing the proceeds. Do some commission art work in exchange for donations. Do some legwork for us – get the word out to your social networks, to your friends, and to your families! The more people who hear about this great community and the difference it’s making, the more they’ll be interested in helping!

Other Ways to Contribute
Amazon Payments (without using the widget): Send to [email protected]
Paypal: Send to [email protected] (For the type of transaction select “Personal”, and mark it as “Gift”.)
Personal check, money order, or other payment type: We continue to discourage these methods of payment mostly as a matter of convenience, but if you want to contribute and this is the only way, we’ll try to accommodate you. Send a PM to Galenraff to request your payment type, and he’ll work out the details with you. Please make these arrangements prior to February 15 if possible, so all transactions have time to clear before the deadline.
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