Transformers Prime Arms Micron Campaign

{mosimage}Similar to the United and Autobot Alliance Transformers United Targetmaster campaigns of late last year and early this year, TakaraTomy is at it again with a Transformers Prime First Edition Arms Micron Campaign!  This Campaign features opaque versions of Power Core Combiner Minicon Chopster Peacemaker (Peaceman in Japan), Groundspike as Fracas, and Throttler as Aimless.  These figures appear to be in the Aligned Universe rather than the G1 continuity like the past year's campaign Microns.

Each is exclusive to a respective to the below chain of stores in Japan with the purchase of 3,000 Yen or more of Transformers Prime First Edition product starting December 28th, 2011:

Peaceman – Toys 'R' Us (Japan)
Fracas – Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera, Edion Group, Ishimaru, Deodeo, Eiden and Midori
Aimless – Joshin, Kidsland and Bic Camera

You can view the campaign page at TakaraTomy's website.

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