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TakaraTomy has updated their website with a page dedicated to the upcoming Transformers Prime:  Robots In Disguise toy line, set to hit this Spring alongside the television series in Japan.  Also we now have a new listing of the upcoming Transformers Prime:  Robots In Disguise line up.  Note that this is the line that follows the initial Transformers Prime:  First Edition figures released both by Hasbro and TakaraTomy, and not the same figures or lineup.

AM-01 Optimus Prime ¥4,000 (Voyager)
AM-02 Bamblebee ¥2,800 (Deluxe)
AM-03 Cliff Jumper ¥2,800 (Deluxe)
AM-04 Ratcher ¥2,800 (Deluxe)
AM-05 Megatron redco ver ¥2,800 (Deluxe)
AM-06 Skywarp ¥2,800 (Deluxe)
EZ-01 Optimus Prime ¥1,000 (Cyberverse Commander)
EZ-02 Megatron ¥1,000 (Cyberverse Commander)
EZ-03 StarScream ¥1,000 (Cyberverse Commander)
EZ-04 BumbleBee ¥500 (Cyberverse)
EZ-05 Cliff Jumper ¥500 (Cyberverse)
EZ-06 Legion Ratchet ¥500 (Cyberverse)
EZ-07 Vehicon ¥500 (Cyberverse)

Of particular interest is the entry for Deluxe Skywarp which is most likely a Starscream redeco, which may or may not be available from Hasbro.

View TakaraTomy's site here and the original product listing here.

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