New TakaraTomy DotM & Alternity in Package

{mosimage}Robot Kingdom has updated their website with new images of upcoming TakaraTomy releases for the week of December 17th.  Among these releases are Dark of the Moon Deluxe Autobot Que and Deluxe Soundwave.  Note that Autobot Que is in fact named Autobot Que in Japan rather than Wheeljack like the Hasbro version.  He also sports different packaging as a result.  Both TakaraTomy's Deluxe Autobot Que and Deluxe Soundwave will likely be out months before their Hasbro counterpart if indeed they are delayed like the recent rumor.

Also out from TakaraTomy is Black Jetwing Optimus Prime from Dark of the Moon.  This release is an Asian only release (meaning not released for Japan's market) and features a striking black, red, teal, and chrome color scheme.

Last but not least is another Asian only release, Alternity Goldbug!  Alternity Goldbug is a straight redeco of the Bumblebee Suzuki Swift Alternity mold in the aptly named Throttle Gold color scheme.

Also due for release this week in Japan is EZ Chronicles Collection Volume 2 (not pictured).

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