“Bumblebee and Me: My Life as a G1 Transformer” By Dan Gilvezan

{mosimage}Transformers Generation 1 cartoon voice actor, Dan Gilvezan, has released a book entitled "Bumblebee and Me: My Life As a G1 Transformer". Dan Gilvezan is known by many of us as the voice actor who voiced Generation 1 Bumblebee.

The book description on Amazon.com reads,
"In the spring of 1984 Dan Gilvezan walked into an audition for a half-hour animated TV series and walked out an hour later with a role in a show that would change the landscape of television in the late ’80s: A show called The Transformers. As the voice of Bumblebee, the little yellow Volkswagen, Gilvezan was there from the very start, witness to the birth of an entertainment industry phenomenon that continues to surprise and delight audiences to this very day. Bumblebee & Me takes you behind the scenes of the original Transformers television series for a first-hand look at the making of a classic. Experience the controlled chaos of the recording sessions, learn the secrets behind creating a character voice, get to know the members of the cast up close and personal. Chock full of stories, reminiscences, anecdotes and never-before-published photographs, Bumblebee & Me is sure to satisfy even the most knowledgeable and discerning Transformers fan. Includes cast list and complete G1 episode guide."

Also, there is a promotional video for the book courtesy of ngsmoov productions, featuring Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee.

Lastly, the Transformers Collectors' Club has posted an interview with Dan Gilvezan about his new book.

Read the interview here.

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SRV: Dan Gilvezan Interview

SRViews: Tell us about your new book, “Bumblebee and Me: Life As A G1 Transformer.” What does it focus on?

Dan Gilvezan: The book begins with my first audition for the show in the spring of 1984, and ends when the show ended in the fall of 1987. It contains stories and anecdotes, profiles of my fellow performers, random observations and a bunch of photographs relating to my life as a G1 Transformer.

SRViews: Can you tell fans what first inspired you to write this book?

Dan Gilvezan: When I've appeared at Transformers conventions, fans have asked me many questions about my time working on the G1 Transformers animated series. Things like: What was it like? Any stories about your fellow cast mates? Anything funny ever happen? So, I decided to sit down and put it all into a book. That way all the folks who haven't been able to make it to a convention to ask me personally will have a chance to get an insider's view of the birth of The Transformers.

SRViews: It really is an interesting subject, which fans are sure to love! Where will they be able to buy this book and what is the retail price?

Dan Gilvezan: "Bumblebee & Me" will be available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle formats. The Kindle version (readable on all Kindles or Kindle equipped device) sells for $2.99. The trade paperback book is $6.95. It will be available starting Dec 9th, 2011 at http://www.amazon.com/Bumblebee-Me

SRViews: Are you planning to do some book signings any where?

Dan Gilvezan: Yes. In early 2012 we will be doing a signing at Big Kids Toys and Collectibles in Sherman Oaks, California. Date and time TBA.

SRViews: Will you be writing future books centered on your acting experiences?

Dan Gilvezan: I've decided that all my future books (fiction and non-fiction) will be set against a Hollywood background. It's what I know best.

SRViews: I know you've written another novel, can you share more information on this and where fans can buy it?

Dan Gilvezan: Yes, it's called "Drowned in the Grenadine" and it's also available on Amazon as a paperback, ebook and audiobook (read by the author!) It's fiction, but much of what happens to the protagonist (an actor) is based on my experiences working as an actor in Los Angeles.

SRViews: I for one look forward to getting my own copy of “Bumblebee & Me” and seeing the wonderful fan reaction you're sure to get!

Dan Gilvezan: I think the fans will really get a kick out of reading it. In it I explain how I ended up playing Bumblebee, tell stories about the wild and wooly recording sessions, give thumbnail sketches of the cast; there's even a picture section with some never-before-published photographs. Hey, here's an idea: buy a copy of "Drowned in the Grenadine" along with your copy of "Bumblebee & Me." Then buy another inexpensive book you've been meaning to read, reach the $25 threshold and get free shipping on Amazon for all three books. Such a deal!