TCC – Transformer Holiday Extravaganza Sale

{mosimage} The Transformers Collectors' Club is running a Holiday Extravaganza Sale running now until December 30th. Among the items on sale are  past BotCon comics for $1-1.95, Airrazor (just 13 left) for $27.99, Dion for $18, Kre-O sets, select Generations and Dark of the Moon figures and much more!

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Transformer-All sale prices listed are Member Pricing

Transformer Holiday Extravaganza Sale Items-(Sale Ends Friday, December 30th)

  • 2006 Diamond Edition Timelines Botcon Comic: Dawn of Futures Past$1.95+shipping
  • 2007 Diamond Edition Timelines BotCon Comic: Games of Deception$1.95+shipping
  • 2009 Diamond Edition Timelines BotCon Comic: Wings of Honor (1 ea)$1.95+shipping
  • 2010 Diamond Edition Timelines BotCon Comic: Generation 2 Redux (1 ea)$1.95+shipping
  • 2005 IDW TF BotCon Changing Gears Comic Issue #0 (1 pc)$1+shipping
  • 2006 Botcon Transformers Gatsby Hat$4+shipping
  • 2007 Club Exclusive Airazor (1 pc)$27.99+shipping
  • 2010 Club Exclusive Dion Figure (1 pc)$18+shipping
  • 2008 BotCon Convention Hat$3+shipping
  • 2008 Botcon Convention T-Shirt (2XL)$3+shipping
  • 2009 BotCon T-Shirt Elite Guard (Blue) Large$3+shipping
  • 2009 BotCon T-Shirt Elite Guard (Blue) XL$3+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT JAZZ Construction Set (1 pc)$8.99+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT RATCHET Construction Set (1pc)$15.99+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE Construction Set (1 pc)$18.99+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME Construction Set (1 pc)$6.99+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS SENTINEL PRIME Construction Set (1 pc)$29.99+shipping
  • KRE-O TRANSFORMERS STARSCREAM Construction Set (1 pc)$23.99+shipping
  • Transformers Deluxe Generation Red Alert (1 pc)$5.99+shipping
  • Transformers Deluxe Generation Wave 1 2011 Skullgrin (1 pc)$9.99+shipping
  • Transformers Movie Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Wave 1 2011 (Crankcase, Topspin) 2 pcs$7.99+shipping
  • Transformers Movie Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Basic Asst Wv2 2011(Autobot Whirlw/MSparkplug)1pc$8.50+shipping
  • Transformers Movie Dark of the Moon Mechtech Voyager Wv1 2011(Megatron,OptPrime)2pcs$35.99+shipping
  • Transformers Scout (Insecticon) 1 pc$6.50+shipping

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