TakaraTomy November 17th, 2011 Releases – Striker Optimus, HA Soundwave, Deluxe Leadfoot Now Out!

{mosimage}The latest wave of Transformers:  Dark of the Moon has hit Japanese retail this week.  While normally this may not be of much excitement for where Hasbro sells Dark of the Moon figures this wave features figures yet to be released by Hasbro as well as a Japanese exclusive figure.  First up is the Japanese Exclusive Striker Optimus Prime that comes with additional Mech Tech weapons to transform his vehicle mode into a Stealth Mode.  Next is Human Alliance Soundwave with Laserbeak and Dylan Gould.  This figure has yet to hit North American shores and is sure to be a popular release.  In the Deluxe size class we have Leadfoot which will be a Target exclusive in the United States and has yet to be released, the Japense version lacks the Target logos.  Finally we have Seeker Air Raid (just known as Air Raid in the states) who was recently released by Hasbro but has yet to hit saturation.

You can discuss these releases on our forums.  Also don't forget to check out galleries of Striker Optimus 1, 2, and 3 as well as Human Alliance Soundwave at Alfes' Blog and keep up to date with our TakaraTomy Release Schedule.