Ark Addendum: Dauros and Ravage, Transform! AND Allspark Almanac Addendum!

{mosimage}Two Ark Addendums! Well, THREE Addendums. All from Jim Sorenson's Disciples of Boltax blog!

First up, Dauros from Masterforce! Better known as Skullgrin in English speaking circles. This Decepticon Pretender is known as the explosions expert of the Cons, and his Pretender shell is the basis behind the Minotaur in Ancient Greece, whereas his altmode is that of a Cybertronic tank.

Second is one of our favorite Decepticon Mini-Cassette from G1, Ravage! This Ark Addendum showcases Ravage transforming as straight out from pilot "More Than Meets The Eye", and you can see the mass shifting in action as this bad kitty goes from tiny cassette to almost the size of a jaguar. And one last bit. The 16-page Allspark Almanac Addendum in Diamond's edition of Transformers Timelines #6 "The Stunti-Con Job", coming out this Wednesday! 6 Bots, 6 Cons, Trypticon Prison, and one special surprise! Don't forget you can meet Jim at Emerald Comics on December 10, 1PM!