What’s new at TFU.INFO?

{mosimage} Over the last ten years, TFU.Info has been a terrific source for Transformers fans looking to find information about Transformers toys. So what's new with the site? TFU.info's webmaster stopped by to share some of the great new updates he's working on!

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It's been a while since I've posted about updates to TFU.INFO, so I just wanted to fill in my friends here at Allspark on some recent developments.

– First off, I've just posted a massive series of additions to the Transformers archive; over 125 new entries spanning over 15 various Transformers series. Just about everything from G1 to Dark of the Moon is sprinkled in, so check it out!

– The site's Facebook and Twitter following continues to grow; so come be part of the latest updates and ramblings from my brain by liking and/or following TFU.INFO today!

– Speaking of social networking; I've begun to revamp the archive to make them more interactive and provide more info. As of this posting, all the pages from the year 1984 allow you to share them on Facebook or Twitter with a simple click of the mouse. They also link back to their respective index listings and have more easily accessible boxed and carded images.

Lastly, and most importantly, I have added a Sponsor-A-Page system to TFU.INFO which allows anyone to sponsor the entry of their favorite figure for an entire year. Each sponsorship allows you to link to your website, blog, etc., and/or leave a brief message about that toy or character. For example, Trailbreaker and Powerglide are among the few pages already sponsored, showing just how it works. Page sponsorships cost as little as $1 for the year and most average around $2 a year.

TFU.INFO is coming up on it's 10th birthday; and I would love for the site to service the Transformers fan community for decades to come. And to make that possible, I'm turning to my fellow fans to help give back by sponsoring pages in order to keep it going; otherwise, another 10 years is likely not going to happen. But by sponsoring a page, you help TFU.info stay online and stay updated. Oftentimes I get asked as to the best way to help the site; and quite frankly, this is the best way. So please, swing by and sponsor a page today; chances are, your favorite character is still available! (And feel free to repost this message on Twitter, Facebook or your other favorite places to talk Transformers).

Thanks for reading and enjoy the update!