Transformers Art: #26 Interior, #27 Cover, and #31 Cover

{mosimage}Art, art, art! Who wants to see some colors and lines in ALL their digital glory?! Well, here's a couple artists that have decided to share the love!

First up, Livio Ramondelli with Megatron in his battle armor from Ongoing #26! Long time readers of the Ongoing issues will probably notice a few Don Figueroa cues.

Second, Marcelo Matere's lines and Priscilla Tramontano's colors for their variant cover for Ongoing #27, featuring Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee looking ready to chew Energon gum and kick aft. And they're all out of Energon gum. Issue number 27 just came out this week, so sound off your thoughts at our review thread!

Lastly, Casey Coller's lines and Joana Lafunete's colors on THEIR variant cover for #31, showcasing Ironhide looking as old as Kup, which won't be out until December 2011.