Masterpiece MP-9 Rodimus Convoy Version 2 Changes

{mosimage}The Allspark's own Powered Convoy has received his MP-9 Rodimus Convoy re-release and has made a list of all the changes made to the mold. He reports that the packaging remains the same, but the figure has these improvements:

1. His leg panels won't break off if they come off.
2. His back panel attaches securely (perhaps even better than the Hasbro one) in robot mode.
3. No issues pegging his chest into place.
4. He holds his guns extremely securely.
5. His wrists are not loose and do not wobble about.
6. No issues with the ankles.
7. His spoiler slides in easier when transforming to Rodimus Convoy vehicle mode (though you still may get some rubbing).
8. He has the Rodimus Convoy biceps rather than the new type that came with Rodimus Prime.

View Powered Convoy's report and comparison photos in this thread.