Allspark NYCC 2011 Saturday Panel Summary & Photo Gallery Now Online

{mosimage}The Allspark was present for New York Comic Con on Saturday and attended the Hasbro Transformers Panel as well as took several photos of Hasbro's latest offerings, the Universal Studios Ride presentation, Fall of Cybertron videos and booth, as well as Jagex's Transformers: Universe booth.  You can view the photos on the Allspark's Facebook page and part 2 here.  Below is a summary of the Hasbro panel:

Movie Trilogy Line:

  • Redecos/Retools of Bumblebee, Wheeljack (G1 style), Ratchet (G1 colors), Soundwave (darker with red windows)
  • Deluxe Optimus with trailer to be released, similar to Chronicles version with less paint detail on Optimus.

Transformers Prime:

  • New mold (?) non-First Edition figures – Bumblebee, Wheeljack (same as shown before), Cliffjumper, Vehicon.
  • New Cyberverse with light-up parts.  All Cyberverse figures come with either a clear red or clear purple weapon or parts to interact with larger light-up vehicles.
  • Wheeljack comes with his ship the Star Hammer.

Kre-O and Rescue Robots

  • Current product shown and recent Kre-O videos.

Universal Ride

  • Synopsis and shots of ride shown.
  • Exclusive Evac prototype shown.  Will have a Deluxe and a Cyberverse version.  Exclusive Evac figures to be available at Universal Studios as well as other ride related merchandise.
  • Retail version of both Evac figures will be available at stores, but will be different in deco and/or color from the Universal Studios version.

Fall of Cybertron

  • Concept art and the Grimlock teaser trailer shown.
  • Those who preordered the game at the convention were given a free FoC poster.
  • All of the Dinobots will be in the game (with new designs in some form).
  • Shockwave responsible for Dinobots forms (he gathered them from Earth in an effort to possibly conquer it to use the energy to restore Cybertron).
  • FoC heavily G1 influenced.
  • Grimlock not stupid, but has a reason for the way he speaks.


  • Generations will be back, they're just not ready to reveal how.
  • FoC toys will be coming (how, who, and when was not mentioned).
  • The 13 original Primes may eventually see toys in some manner.
  • DotM Jetwing or Striker Optimus not coming to the states.
  • No for Leader sized Megatron, Shockwave, or Optimus figures (just the Voyagers).
  • Not sure if Kreon multi-pack is in the works (not having anyone from the Kre-O team at the panel).

Look for more photos of the G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe Classics displays from NYCC to come soon! 

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