Transformers Prime Toyline coming to Japan

{mosimage} 2005 Board member catz is reporting that Takara Tomy will release the Transformers Prime toyline in Japan at the end of this year. With their December 28th release date, it may mean that some if not all of the figures would see their first release in Japan rather than by Hasbro!

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Transformers Prime toys said to be scheduled for December 28th release:

Voyager (Priced 4000 Yen)

TF Prime Preview Optimus Prime
TF Prime Preview Bulkhead

Deluxe (Priced 2800 Yen)

TF Prime Preview Cliffjumper
TF Prime Preview Bumblebee
TF Prime Preview Arcee
TF Prime Preview Megatron
TF Prime Preview Starscream
TF Prime Preview Vehicon

Credit: catz of the 2005 Boards