Transformers Prime “T.M.I.” Airing Saturday 9/10/11

The Hub sent us a press release for the upcoming episode of Transformers Prime "T.M.I." airing this Saturday, here's what they had to say:

WHAT: Check it out, Transformers fans! Our friends at Hasbro Studios and The Hub wanted to give you a look at the upcoming Transformers Prime episode, “T.M.I.”
When Bulkhead is accidently endowed with the secret formula for synthetic Energon, he becomes an intellectual recluse while the Decepticons hunt him down for the information.  
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WHEN: Saturday, September 10 —  7:00 PM ET
WHERE: The Hub cable TV network.
To find the channel in your area, please visit and check the Channel Locator at the top of the page.


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