IDW Announces The Death of Optimus Prime

Celebrating 125 issues of IDW's TRANSFORMERS comics

In stores this December, IDW is proud to announce TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME, setting a whole new direction for the AUTOBOT leader and the TRANSFORMERS comic book universe.  IDW’s CHAOS event, spanning throughout 2011, represented the closing of a chapter in TRANSFORMERS history for the comic book universe. On Earth, the AUTOBOTS learned of the treachery of their human allies–and their loyalty was pushed past the breaking point. In space–with the fate of the universe at stake–the TRANSFORMERS waged the final battle for the fate of CYBERTRON. With the end of CHAOS, the war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS is over.

Now the hard part begins, as the survivors must confront their future head-on. The TRANSFORMERS’ homeworld is reborn–but it’s not the safe home the AUTOBOTS had hoped for. Amidst a hostile planet–and an angry population–AUTOBOT leader OPTIMUS PRIME must try to unite the divided loyalties of his fellow TRANSFORMERS. In the process, he is forced to question whether he is the ruler a united CYBERTRON needs. IDW’s December comic, TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME, answers that question, once and for all.

TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME will be available in comic stores and through the Apple iTunes store this December. The futures of Earth and CYBERTRON culminate together in this monumental issue, launching an all new-era for IDW’s TRANSFORMERS comics. TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME will feature 32 pages of full-color, action-packed story, written by John Barber and James Roberts, with art by Nick Roche. Fans are encouraged to ask their retailers about the different variant covers, including a Livio Ramondelli cover, and an exclusive wraparound cover featuring all 125 IDW TRANSFORMERS covers, with foil enhancements. This special issue sets the stage for two new ongoing TRANSFORMERS comic series starting in January!

TRANSFORMERS: THE DEATH OF OPTIMUS PRIME ($3.99, 32 pages; full color) will be available in December 2011.

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