Hostess Cupcake Review

{mosimage} As ruler of my own little quadrant of the geek universe, I've been fortunate enough over the years to get a few perks here and there. Sometimes it's free toys, sometimes it's free admission to a convention and sometimes it's a free trip to California. But rarely am I ever truly privileged enough to get the really good stuff… until now. 

As the third Transformers movie rolls out on DVD and Blu Ray this week, everyone wants a piece of the pie.. or cupcake, as the case may be. We've already told you about the Transformers branded cupcakes and $25,000 sweepstakes sponsored by our friends at Hostess, but Hostess has been kind enough to send us samples of their products for review.


We got a sample of each of the four different varieties of Hostess cakes. The regular chocolate cupcakes have a Sentinel Prime mascot, while Bumblebee graces the box covers of the appropriately colored Twinkies. 

 But Hostess went a step further with their Shockwave themed Chocwave cupcakes and Optimus Prime themed Snowballimus snowballs.


These specially colored treats taste like their standard counterparts. Chocwave cupcakes have a very granulated glitter topping though which does give it a different texture than the standard cupcake. 

Each box is marked with a special code on the back of the box that you can use to enter the sweepstakes at There is a limit to one entry code per day, however.

All in all. these cakes are what you'd expect from a summer movie tie in. It's a fun bit of marketing and a reason to eat a bit of junk food if you feel like it.  What it really shows us though is that Transformers is still a strong brand even after almost 30 years.