Hasbro GI Joe Q&A Round 4 Answers!

{mosimage} You asked and Hasbro answered! Find out what Hasbro had to say about your GI Joe inquiries regarding the decal sheets and new 12" GI Joe line.

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1) Ever since the movie line, there has seemed to be a major disconnect between the team designing the GI Joe vehicles and the team creating the stickers for them. Again and again, we're seeing decals that don't fit in the spaces where we're told to put them, that are supposed to impossibly lie flat over protruding plastic details, and that are shown in totally different locations between the instructions and the pictures on the boxes. As annoying as this may be for collectors, it must be even more frustrating for kids who are looking for simple directions for completing their toys. How does this keep happening and are any steps being taken to put an end to the phenomenon?

1) Thanks for your comment on this. Actually, designing the labels is a fairly tricky part of the toy design process. As we look forward to the movie line, we are changing the way we are doing labels, reducing them in number/quantity, and thinking about ways of making them "kid friendly" in application.

2) Since the revival of the line in 2007, the majority of the original Python Patrol lineup from 1989 has been released in some fashion, either in stores or as exclusives. In contrast, there are a number of figures and vehicles which could be redone in their appropriate Tiger Force, Night Force, Sonic Fighters / Super Sonic Fighters, Sky Patrol, or Slaughter's Marauders colors but which have not been touched. In particular, more than a few eyebrows raised when Wild Bill was packed with the Target-exclusive Tiger Rat instead of its original pilot, Skystriker. Will we potentially see these subsets fleshed out in the future, or has the notion of vintage subset redecoes been put on hiatus for the time being?

3) 12" GI Joe figures take the brand back to its origins, however, it seems like it has been quite a few years since a 12" line managed to thrive at retail. What changes in the market sparked this surprise resurrection?


3) The brand team realized that in this day and age, more kids than ever have family members or people they know involved in the armed forces, yet they don't have a way to represent these heroes in play. We decided that it was time to recognize these heroes in toy form and come out with a new line of 12" to represent some of the most dedicated military and civil service heroes we could think of.