EZ Chronicles Wave 2 Images!

{mosimage}Previously only seen as gray mock-ups, we now have full color pictures of EZ Chronicles Collection Volume 2 courtesy of Amazon.co.jp.  This series comes in boxes of 12 blind packed figures within one case, featuring Legend figures released previously by Hasbro with some new decos and characters.  The lineup consists of G2 Optimus Prime, G2 Hero Megatron, Bluestreak (exclusive character), Starscream, Prowl, Skywarp (exclusive character), Hot Rod, and Hound.  Each figure looks to have at least some changes to their Hasbro counterpart (for those that have one), while others such as Megatron, Skywarp, and Bluestreak are entirely new color schemes or characters (Bluestreak also lacks Prowl's lightbar).

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