Animated Activator Electromagnetic Soundwave Finally Revealed!!

{mosimage}Fans will remember around the time of Transformers Animated's toyline cancellation that many figures went unreleased.  One such figure was Activator Electromagnetic Soundwave, a redeco of Activator Animated Soundwave in white.  A black redeco of the mold was available in Japan as Soundblaster, but this canceled figure marked the only time a figure of Animated Soundwave appeared in white.  The white coloration is based on how Soundwave appeared in the Transformers Animated episode "Human Error" part 1 & 2 (which itself is like based on the white variant of Music Label Soundwave).  Electromagnetic Soundwave was previously only ever known or shown through a set of black and white instructions that appeared on Hasbro's website some time ago, but now one such sample is up for bid on eBay.

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