Rumor: United Artfire on the way?!

{mosimage}I just opened my copy of Transformers Generations 2011 Volume 2, and I was looking through the comic also making an appearance in the comic alongside other Target Masters Kup & Recoil, Stepper & Nebulon, is Artfire with Nightstick!  In the comic (written by Simon Furman with illustrations by Guido Guidi) Artfire is Universe/Henkei Inferno with a white cab front/chest, white shoulder pads, white arm panels, blue detailing, and red arms and legs. Nightstick is a silver and black Power Core Combiner Pinpoint (the Minicon packed with Leadfoot).  Does this mean that we are in fact getting a United Artfire with Nighstick via Million Publishing like the United Stepper with Nebulon?!  Only time will tell. 

Look for scans and a translation of the comic soon at the  You can join the discussion on our forums.

*Update* Artist Guido Guidi stopped by our forums with some new information! As far as he knows, no Artfire toy is planned at the moment. The character was meant to be comic only.

To read more about this and other information that he shared, click here!