Renderform Gold Scout Kit

{mosimage}Renderform's RF-006 Gold Scout Kit is an add-on for your existing Classics, Legacy, Henkei, United, or Reveal the Shield Bumblebee.  Available in 4 colors (blue head & blue weapons, black head & black weapons, yellow head & black weapons, and golden yellow head & black weapons) there is an option for everyone and their Bumblebee action figure.  Want a cartoon accurate Goldbug head, go for the black helmet Gold Scout (RF-006B).  Want one like the original toy or his other cartoon coloration, go for the blue head version (RF-006).  How about his comic book appearances, go for either yellow (RF-006Y) or golden yellow version (RF-006R).  The Gold Scout is available to preorder (orders are expected to ship some time in October) until September 1st at 11:59 PM PST (or until 350 orders are submitted) at

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