Extra BotCon 2011 items now in the TCC Club Store!

{mosimage} The Transformers Collectors' Club has sent out emails advising members that they now have extra BotCon 2011 items in stock! Including some of the exclusive toys that were offered at the convention!

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We have a very limited number of BotCon items that were left over after we finished shipping and replacing all of the problem pieces. We keep items in reserve in case they are damaged in shipping. However, these BotCon items are the last of the last so when they ship, we will not have anything to replace them with if there is a problem. We have checked these items to make sure there are no factory mistakes.

2011 TF Botcon Leftovers-

2011 BotCon T-shirt (Medium) 1 pc$20+shipping

Transformer Magazine 40th Edition (August/September 2011) 1 pc $10+shipping

2011 BotCon Animated Autotrooper Souvenir #2-3 pack (1 pc) $89+shipping

2011 BotCon Animated Sideswipe & Toxitron Souvenir #1-2 pack (1 pc) $89+shipping

2011 BotCon Animated Shattered Glass: Thundercracker & Galvatron Souvenir #3-2 pack (1pc) $92+shipping

2011 BotCon Boxed Convention Set Stunticons: The Con is On! (1 pc) $315+shipping

2011 BotCon Loose Polybagged Stunticons: The Con is On! (1 pc) $210+shipping

One other non-Botcon item:

KRE-O TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME Construction Set (1 pc) $59.99+shipping