CGSociety and fxguide Interview with Digital Domain

{mosimage}Love the visual effects in Dark of the Moon? Then if you're looking into the world of CGI/VFX, take a gander at the interviews CGSociety and fxguide did with the other computer-generating team behind some of the flying metal action, Digital Domain!

Both caught up with Matthew Butler, Digital's Domain VFX supervisor, and one thing Butler pointed was he and director Michael Bay firmly believed in "wanting to see the real, believable visuals". Butler notes that it's best to "study the intricacies of reality" before messing with it, as "the closer you get to reality, "the more unforgiving, the harder it becomes to accept an attempt to recreate it." Regarding Laserbeak chasing Sam Witwicky in the office, the Decepticon infiltrator's original animation model looked "too friendly a behavior", so they had to tweak it, resulting in a hybrid of Laserbeak's thrusters firing and flapping his wings, adding in a bit of a trapped bird motion. Butler also goes indepth on how they worked the birdmen-suit sequence, scenes on the moon where Sentinel's army of Cybertronians wake back up, and a variety of tricks they used alongside the practical shots Bay did.