Beast Wars II Coming to DVD

{mosimage}HENSHIN! For those that don't speak the language of Japan, that's "Transform!" And it looks like according to Rakuten, courtesy of Autobase Aichi, a DVD box set for Beast Wars II: Super Robot Lifeform Transformers (yes, that's the full title) is scheduled for an October 20 release this year, retailing at 29400 yen (roughly $386.00 USD at the current rate). Details are subject to change.

Beast Wars II's history is a bit similar to The Headmasters of the Takara trilogy post G1 Season 3, BWII created to fill in the gap after the first season of Beast Wars while TakaraTomy (just Takara back then) was in the process of bringing in seasons 2 and 3 of Beast Wars. Airing from April 1998 to January 1999, BWII's tone and story telling was much lighter and more comedic, aimed at a younger audeince, as well utilizing traditional hand-drawn 2D animation instead of BW's computer generated 3D. One thing to keep in mind: Transformers in Japan has generally been geared towards a much younger audience compared to most of the West.

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