Vector Zeta Now Available with Slagacon Pre-Registration

{mosimage} After a short delay, Vector Zeta is available once again with pre-registration for Slagacon 2011! Vector Zeta will be extremely limited, and as such, priced at $175. But for all those fans yearning for a Powermaster-esque upgrade for Classics Optimus Prime, it should be worth it!

Click here for more information about Vector Zeta, as well as a glimpse at the design sketch for the set! Then discuss this and all things Slagacon, right here!

*Update* transjazz has stopped by with more information about the exclusive:

Okay, this is two separate exclusives. Let me explain the whole thing for everyone who has not went and checked out This year is the Power Master Armor "Vector Zeta". This is a add-on kit that is one trailer by itself. Next years exclusive is The Apex Armor "yet to be named". It too is a separate trailer, it also includes the Hi-Q "yet to be named" and an extra head that will transform into Roller "yet to be named". I can understand if you do not want to spend that much on an add-on kit. It will be well worth the money once you see the prototype. We will have pictures of it up soon.

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