TCC on Twitter – Two Contests, Three Prizes!

{mosimage} Did you miss out on the BotCon 2006 Dinobot or the 2010 Sharkticons? The Transformers Collectors' Club have two contests that you should check out! The first is to take a photo of any Beast Transformer doing something related to SDCC. In honor of Waspinator winning the fan vote for the Hall of Fame. The best two photos will each receive a 2006 Dinobot! If photography is not your thing, the other contest is simply re-tweeting the phrase "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the Twitter" and including the hashtag @The_TCC. One random winner will receive a 2010 Sharkticon!

Click here to read more about the contests on the TCC's Twitter page.


BotCon 2006 Dinobot

BotCon 2010 Sharkticon


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