TakaraTomy DotM Ark, Leader Ironhide, Jetwing Optimus, and EZ Collection Chronicles Now Out

{mosimage}TakaraTomy's July 16, 2011 releases are now hitting shelves in Japan.  Among the long list of releases, a few of the stand out items are Cyberverse Spaceship Ark Playset, Leader Ironhide, Jetwing Optimus Prime, and EZ Collection Chronicles Wave 1 (which features G1 Optimus, Megatron, Thundercracker, Jazz, Trailbreaker, Bumblebee, and Movie Optimus and Megatron).  Alfes' Blog has some photos of EZ Collection Chronicles Jazz & Thundercracker, G1 Optimus & Megatron, as well as the Ark Playset (Gallery 1 | Gallery 2).

You can discuss the new releases on our forums.


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