SDCC Starscream/Skystriker In-Hand Images

{mosimage} has posted new images of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Starscream repaint of the GI Joe Skystriker! What's interesting is that the stickers applied on this toy differ from the ones shown at JoeCon in April.

The rub symbol on the back of the plane has the more G1 inspired silver trim, opposed to the "Reveal the Shield" shaped sticker at JoeCon. The new photos also show the rub symbol as being all black, while the toy on display at Joe Con had a purple Decepticon symbol with a fade effect around the edges.

Also, the eyes, head crest and other areas of the regular faction symbols are white in the new images, while at JoeCon they were translucent.

Click here to see the new images. Then discuss them here.

This toy will be available at SDCC later this month. The price is set at $49.99